Devastated by repair to my bag - new postmans lock

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  1. Hello lovelies, hope you are all well?

    I've just had a bag returned - front and back plates were replaced, front had minor scratches and the back was a bit springy otherwise I would have left it as it was.

    Has anyone had the back plate replaced?

    I guessed they would unpick the lining and release the mechanisms that hold the plate in place, well my repair looks like they have gone in through the lining directly adjacent to the back plate or at least tried to release the mechanism from outside the lining but somehow have split it

    I can't seem to upload picture but the worst hole is at least 5mm long

    I'm gutted as the lining looks awful and my fear is that it will get worse with further use

    Waiting to see what M will do about it

    Ps any ideas why I can't upload pics from the mobile app?

  2. IMG_1469289002.233903.jpg

  3. What style is this Lou? I'm having trouble visualising what you mean and where this is on the bag? (although I can see the tear)
  4. Hi Pessie, it's a postmans lock satchel - the 2 holes in the lining face the back plate if that makes sense. If you run your fingers along the lining, you can feel 2 little flat pins.



  5. Got it. I agree that's not acceptable. I'm really surprised as I've only ever had good service from M repairs. Least they should've done would be to contact you if they couldn't repair without damaging the lining, before launching in to it. What have M said?
  6. I see what you mean.
    You had the swivel post plate replaced.
    They were meant to split apart leather seams to do this.
    But damaged lining doing this.
    Or have left sharp bits sticking up. Which tore lining in shipment/handling.
    Yes, frustrating.:annoyed:
    No, not acceptable.
    Go get em, tiger. They'll make it right.:heart:
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  7. #7 Jul 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
    Grrrr, I was wondering about that, that's what I thought they would do, let's see what they say

    I'm trying to think if I could feel the pins in my Lexi
  8. I've had a few repairs done now and never had a problem until now

    2 Daria plaques - plus the zip pull became tarnished and from my understanding, they replaced the whole zip. The repair was invisible

    2 rivets in roxy

    1 rivet in Blenheim

    Inking on somerset hobo, took over 3 months to get back, it's ok but a bit thick

    I haven't heard from them yet, I expect they will want the bag back to assess first

    I remember reading ages ago about a daria plaque replacement and a split appearing at the edge, think it was one of the fabric weave Daria's

    I would think this was a pretty standard repair for them, so yes surprised. I was surprised that it did come back very quickly though compared to the somerset
  9. That's so disappointing as I've always been happy with Mulberry's repair service. The standard of this repair is unacceptable, definitely take it further and hopefully they can put things right.
  10. That's terrible. I hope you take it further so they can sort this out for you.
  11. I had the postman's lock replaced on my oak Alexa last year - didn't spot any damage like this (but will double check now) and I certainly wouldn't expect a bag to be returned in that state - especially by Mulberry...

    Hope you get it sorted soon x
  12. Oh that's really bad Louliou, so sorry for you!!
    How could they send it back this way..? Very surprising.
    For sure it has to be sent back, hopefully they will arrange this..
    Keep us posted.
  13. I'm so sorrry that this happened to your bag. I really hope that repair service sort things out!
  14. Thanks lovelies, I turned the lining inside out to see if they had attempted to unpick the stitches - the logical way to have done this was to go in via the pocket. I can't see any evidence of this although in all honestly I wouldn't expect to as I couldn't see any evidence of a zip repair on my daria

    I can also feel the knobbly bits through the lining

    Any ladies with Alexa's, how does the lock plate feel through the lining?
  15. Hiya, it was only on close inspection I saw this, the lining is black and the worst hole is in the raised tree - from afar not noticeable. My concern is it will split further with use, I could stitch it worse case scenario