Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel--Love/Hate it??


Nov 30, 2008
I just ordered this Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel from for $68. My friend got me one over the winter in red (they describe it as plum on the website but it's not!) and it's now one of my favorite bags so I decided to go ahead and order it in Seafoam for Spring/Summer.

It's the only bag I've ever owned from UrbanOutfitters and while I've heard that some of their bags fall apart quickly, I've had nothing but good experiences with this one. What do you think? Love/hate it?

I'll post pix of the one I currently own once I get home.

Pros? It's really soft to the touch. It doesn't feel like PVC. The interior is roomy. The handles are comfortable to carry and the strap is great. You can remove it and stash it inside.

Cons? Things get lost inside because it's so roomy. It doesn't zip up completely from end to end.

Measurements: 17"l, 13"h; 17"l strap

Photos from



purses make me giddy
Sep 8, 2007
I think it looks great. This thread is a fun one b/c it's like a review of a bag. Can't wait to see the pics of the one you get.