Detroit 187

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  1. Does anyone else watch it? I love it. Its one of my favorite shows this season. I enjoy watching Michael Imperioli. He's a great actor and I really like the other actors as well. Im hoping this doesnt get canceled!
  2. never heard of it
  3. I'm a fan! I love Imperioli and this show has some great writing.
  4. Is it good? I live in Detroit in the summer and was thinking of watching it...but I was going to wait until the season was over so I could watch it all at once. But it's actually filmed in Detroit which I like!
  5. Love this show. I'm hooked. Imperioli is great in it. I like the other actors in the show as well.

    I missed yesterday's ep but I'll catch it on my DVR. I loved the motown songs in the previews. I think the show has been getting a good amt of viewers??! Anyone know how the show is doing?
  6. I love this show! I used to watch "The Good Wife" during its time slot, but have switched to "Detroit 187." Great characters!
  7. i totally want to watch this show - i hope it's on ONDEMAND so i can catch up
  8. It is great! The only thing I hear that is negative is that it is not really like Detroit. But I can't comment about that nor do I care. I think the writing and the cast is great! Glad to see Michael Imperioli again too!
  9. Me, too! And, it's great to see him in a sympathetic role. Love his chemistry with the woman detective.