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  1. Hiyya..

    For the past 3 weeks or so, i have been leading a really unhealthy life style due to stress at work. lack of sleep and when i do get to sleep- it'll be at the crack of dawn, a little bit too much drinks, too much junk food :sad:.. cut a long story short.. ill be free from my ordeal tmorow and starting from this weekend, i really wanna detox my overwork body :smile:..

    Any tips? have anyone tried detoxification before? did a quick research on the net and one website suggested drinking fruit juice for one whole week and not eating anything solid- a bit extreme, don;t u think??
  2. I stay away from extreme, fast, quick fixes. The best way is to just change your eating habits to healthy ones, getting plenty of water and excercise. The results will be gradual but longer lasting.

    (as I sit on my butt on my computer, eating a cookie.....time to get on the treadmill!!)
  3. Hi there!
    I posted a thread similar to this a while back. From what I understand I think the mods would rather not have this topic discussed on the forum. I will see if I can find my thread and show you. Just a friendly heads up:flowers:
  4. Really? i thought it's recommended to detox your body every once in a while?

    My knowledge in this topic is very very minimal :sad:
  5. Oops. i didn't know detoxification topic isn't allowed. didn't know it. so sori.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Right, I am not saying it isn't a good idea, just saying if I remember correctly that they didn't want this topic discussed. I will let one of the mods answer, as I could very well be incorrect.:idea:
  7. Please read the sticky at the top of the subforum. We don't permit discussions of unhealthy topics :smile: Thanks!
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