Detox Foot Bath?

  1. Anyone had one of these? My Mom is considering having it done. She has Fibro and it might help- I just want to be sure there are no side affects!
  2. I work with a woman (who is also a registered nurse) who sees a doctor that specializes in "complimentary medicine." This doctor, who is a board certified MD, has a very strong belief in detox foot baths and the woman I work with just had her first one last week. She had no side effects except that it made her feel really good, especially the day she had it. She said that she was amazed by all of the toxins that were removed from her body through her feet.

    I am not very well versed in this area, but the woman I work SWEARS by her new doctor and the treatments she receives. She tells me about her visits and the treatment she receives and it all seems a little hokey to me but I know her very well and if she says something is working then it is. If it was anyone else telling me these things I probably wouldn't believe them.
  3. Thanks Mokoni- yep sounds hokey to me too... but if it doesn't hurt, etc. I'm curious!
  4. It's getting quite popular in Japan. I've never had it myself nor do I know anyone who's had it but I've seen pictures in magazines where you see someone's feet soaked in a foot bath and after 40 minutes or so the water turns from clear to a brownish yellow colour.
  5. ^^^ have seen it to in new health salon.. but never muster to courage do it :sad:. is it recommended though?

    Im always under the impression that they would some chemical into the water to make it turn brownish.. hahah guess im rather sceptical about this kinda thing..
  6. That's exactly what I thought! I always think this kind of stuff is BS but I think that's because it doesn't fall into what I consider to be "normal." :p

    I don't think I'll be running out to have one anytime soon but I love to listen to the stories my coworker tells about her "witch doctor" as she calls her. It seems really weird to her, too, and she kind of gets freaked out by some of the stuff the doc does so I can appreciate her point of view. She's not completely sold on this whole idea yet, either, but it's making her feel better so she's still going.
  7. I've never heard of this before...what does it do? Does it detox your whole body, or just your tired feet?:confused1:
  8. I think sometimes people get so wrapped up in an idea that they don't think logically about it. I can toxins come out of your body through the feet? Some sort of magical osmosis? Through the pores? That already happens and it's called sweat. Your body is a fascinating device, and very very self reliant as is. Your body detoxes all the bad stuff perfectly fine with help from the kidneys, liver, sweat glands, and intestines...and in most people...the brain ;)