Detox Anyone!!

  1. Hi you all - i am thinking about a detox diet - but i have heard so many bad things about detox - i am a little hesitant.
    any advice??
  2. I just finished a 21 day detox diet that my DR set me up on. It was hard but so worth it! It can be very beneficial. I would personally recommend going to a DR/Nutritionist, that way they can tailor the supplements and the diet to suit exactly what you need. My DR had me fill out a very detailed questionaire so that he could make sure I was taking the right supplements in the right amounts. Food choices are very important too. I could not have any caffeine, wheat, sugar, fruit, dairy of any kind, no shellfish and no peanut butter during this entire period. Sounds hard but it ended up being pretty easy especially because I could feel it working, that made it easier to stick to it.
  3. Never been on one, so I definitely would be interested too.

    Whymiscal, so what could you eat? Sounds like it was a very protein and veggy diet, no?
  4. I was actually looking up stuff on that today. Most of the stuff I found was expensive or scary sounding :sad: Like drinking 2 cups of oil to cleanse the liver... no doubt I would be throwing up more than I managed to get down.
  5. My detox lasts for 3 weeks minimum, the only difficult thing is you break out in pimples the first week!
    The second week is great because you feel more energetic and your hair will look more shiny and voluminous.The third week if u stick to it, you would have lost about 4lbs if not more.

    My detox consists of no caffeine, bread, meat, no food in tins, fried food, readymade meals, no alcohol, no dairy, no rice, no potatoes. Do not eat foods that are extreme in flavour i.e too salty or too sweet, spicy.

    Eat tea saucer size small portions unless its raw food, drink a litre of Tropicana juice (which I like because it is not too acidic) diluted with a 1.5 litre of mineral water everyday.

    Detoxes are good too because if u want to you can slowly introduce food back in and see if u react to them, I found out I'm allergic to nuts and my friend found out he is allergic to milk.
  6. i am thinking of a diet that afriend of mine went on
    i will post it when i get the info - reading all teh above - it sound spositive - but i hear its not good for the immune system
  7. Yes, lots of veggies, fish, chicken, turkey, white rice, beans, and nuts (except peanuts). It is actually beneficial for the immune system because the goal is to flush the impurities from your body helping it to function better. Detox is a healing process.
    What happens is that your body goes through a reverse order of the diseases you may have had. This is an indication of the detox diet doing its job, so to speak.
  8. i include green tea and tofu in my detox process as well.
  9. Hiya Kyragee,

    My detox is actually now my normal eating plan. Its basically a vegetarian diet (though I will eat fish sometimes) with no bread, no potatoes, no rice, no dairy products, no alcohol, no processed food, no deep fried food, no caffeine, low sugar and low salt.

    I eat as much fresh raw food as I like and drink alot of juice (both fruit and veg). My favourite meals consist of small portions of soups, salads and grilled/steamed vegetables. I eat slowly and sip my drinks, this stops me overeating and to be honest also comes from growing up in a household where meals were not rushed.

    I feel great, my weight is stable (give or take 4lbs), I have been around 52kgs since I was 18 and have never been ill because of food in all of the last 6 years of almost nonstop travelling.

    The only time I break my eating plan is when I am home and visiting my mother, It's an oriental household so I sometimes eat rice, noodles or even fish then but am very careful to eat even smaller portions than normal.

    I highly recommend my eating plan to others, it really does become second nature after afew weeks.