Detour Clothing Brookfield Store Closing Sale - 30% To 70% Off

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  1. Oh no!!!! I can't believe its closing!! I must go ASAP!!
  2. Thanks for posting - I went during lunch and got a pair of Paige Laurel Canyon's, Raven trouser jeans, and a pair of knit lounge pants. Most of the sizes that were left were 25's and 30's / 31s.
  3. what were the prices like??
  4. The majority of things were 50%. They had a lot of Susana Monaco, a decent amt of Seven Jeans, no COH, 2 pairs of Paige's, a lot of Raven left, Joe's, one pair of AG, some Edun. I wasn't terribly impressed with the selection, but managed to find some winners. I'd go sooner rather than later, I'm sure they will sell out quickly.
  5. Thank you- I'm not in town but I'll send my mom-haha