Determining Returns or Ebay

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  1. Hi all,

    I've decided it's time to unload one of my bags to make room for more. I just don't love it as much as some other stuff I'm wanting.

    So here's the question, how do you determine whether it's a return to the store item, or a plop it on ebay item? I used the bag for maybe a week....
  2. Most of the time I would say that you should just return it. It isn't often that a bag on ebay will sell for retail or above so in most cases, I'd say just return it.
  3. Ahh see, I didn't know if Coach would take returns for anything but defect etc. You can return it even if it's been used? No stains etc though...

    If it was an outlet purchase, do I need to return it to an outlet specifically?
  4. Oh I don't know to be honest. I didn't even think of that. I've only been a Coach junkie for a couple months and haven't had to return anything that I'd used yet. I'm sure someone else here will know.
  5. You can return outlet items to the boutique with the tags and receipt but they will only refund you with store credit.
  6. I don't believe Coach will accept a return on anything used unless it is defective and exchanged for the same item or sent in for repair. Additionally, I feel it isn't ethical to return a used item, as it isn't fair to either the store or the next buyer.
  7. ^HauteMama is correct. Unless there is a manufacturing defect, Coach will only allow return of brand new and unused merchandise.

    Here is Coach's return policy directly from

    Where do I send my return?
    We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.

    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.

    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.

    New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.

    Price adjustments on previous purchases are not permitted.

    Purchases made in a Coach store, on, or over the phone may not be returned to Department Stores.

    For locations of our Coach Full Price stores, please visit our online Store Locator .

    For items being sent to our Returns department, please be sure to ship your item by insured, traceable mail. This service is offered by UPS, USPS, and other carriers. Please include a note with your address and daytime phone number along with your instructions and a copy of your sales receipt or packing slip, and send to:
    C O A C H
    Attn: Returns
    One Coach Way
    Jacksonville, Florida 32218 ​
  8. ^^ correct. Coach will not accept returns on used items. You will have to resort to ebay since you have used it.
  9. Thanks for the info! That answered my question :yes:
  10. if its used at all, even for a day, it's not really right to try to take it back to coach unless it's defective

    I would throw it up on ebay. stuff that's gently used usually goes for pretty close to retail

    if you had something with tags and a receipt, take it back, unless it was something really rare, like a punch tote that goes for more than retail on ebay.
    good luck! :yes:
  11. Ok so, turquoise w/chocolate brown strap Soho used for a week would go on ebay (should I include the tag & receipt?), Soho mini wallet still wrapped up in it's gift box could go back to the boutique, if I CHOSE :idea:

    All these women talking about returning are referring to their "still wrapped up in the closet" purchases they're just sitting on, yes?
  12. When I just returned my Ergo Largo Hobo, I returned it to the store at which I purchased, Macy's. M's has a 180 return policy. I restuffed, rewrapped the bag and took it back. The bag showed no signs of use (I didn't like and couldn't settle with the Natural color...I really want the Vintage), though I had used it. I told them that. Tags were present and attached.

    Nordstrom, I believe, still has the policy that you can take back whatever, whenever.

    Most boutique stores, be they Coach, Dooney, LV, Gucci, etc. have very limited return windows, approx 7 to 14 days. Some say no returns unless defective.

    That's part of the reason that I choose to wait, most times, before I make a purchase, because I'm hella impulsive. I would wind up with a stockpile of bags (and other crap) if I bought on impulse alone.

    When I first bought my Looping GM from LV at the Shoppes at Ceasar's (in Vegas), I had been "studying" for months and testing my desire for the item.
    I will admit that I even bought a Foouis Vuitton :wtf::yucky:, just so I could wear it and see if I like the overall feel of a bag in that shape, that strap style. I didn't want a $1K impulse buy that I'd regret. I also really don't like the buy-return merry-go-round.
    (which is why I never should have gotten the Natural Ergo when I KNEW I wanted Vintage. I wanted instant gratification though and they didn't have the Vintage.:cursing:)

    It may seem to be a time waster, but study the bag: go to the store, try it on, mull it over, visit it, if necessary. Make sure you really want (and can/will really use) the bag before you buy. It'll be a money saver, too!:wlae:
  13. yes, coach has a great return policy in that if the tags are on it, its unused and you have the receipt, you can return it anytime, no limit

    I just think it's really wrong when people use something, it's not defective, and then they return it simply because they decided they don't like it. If it's defective, of course, but not for buyers remorse
  14. I totally agree. I am amazed by the number of people who do that and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. :shrugs:
  15. me too!! It shocks me that people think it is no big deal. What shocks me more is that some retailers allow it. I mean I guess it's good customer service, but wow!