determining fakes?- Giant hardware

  1. Any new information on checking for fakes on the GIANT hardware? I know with regular hardware there are easy things to check for- such as bale shape and rivets.
    How about for the Giant hardware? anything obvious that I should know?
  2. I would like to know too!
  3. Me too!
  4. Are we allowed to post photos of bbags listed on eBay determined to be fakes?

    Maybe we could post some of those, and then post some photos of our bags??
  5. I just read the thread on Raffaello network- from what I gathered, the same requirements to identify authentic hardware apply to the Giant hardware. For instance, the rivets on the back of the handle and the bales.
    Anyone care to comment? Is this correct?
  6. Yes, however the brief doesn't have a strap.
    You can pretty much tell by the font on the tag right now.

    I'm still wondering if we can post photos from fake eBay listings (without mentioning seller)
  7. I think, based off another thread I saw (where the OP was wondering if a shirt she saw on Ebay would match the LE Magenta), that if you can extract the pics from an ebay auction you can post them, but you can't post the link to the auction...but, I'm kind of a newbie, so I could be wrong...
  8. maybe a mod on here will set it straight for us?