Detective or Gaucho???

  1. Which do you think is best as a first Dior bag? Which is more classic and has more lasting power?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Definitely the Detective!!! The Gaucho is fantastic but as a first Dior bag, the Detective holds the torch!
  3. Detective!
    its listed as one of the classic bags on
  4. Oh, good point SuSu...
  5. the detective definitely, in terms of being a classic and having more lasting power. it matches anything and is very classy looking. i think it's the next classiest bag after the lady dior.

    the gaucho is a very unique bag in itself, but put it beside a detective and the detective really trumps it.

    (even though the gaucho was my first dior bag. heh!)
  6. Detective bag!
  7. I agree with everyone else. The detective bag is more of a classic with lasting power.
  8. The Dior Detective! ; )
  9. I'd choose the detective as well because it's it's more refined to me. The Gaucho is cute, but I'd wear that only if I'm in the mood. Besides, the detective matches everything.
  10. Wow...thanks everyone! Looks like a consensus...thank goodness...because I broke down and bought one from a PFer...yay!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. yay! post pics!
  12. Detective :heart: