Detecting a fake Paddington bag

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  1. I was just curious because when I see someone carry a LV bag, I can detect really quickly if it's a fake or authentic (look, quality, pattern, etc......).

    For a Chloe Paddington bag, (I'm a new Chloe lover) can anyone of you tell right away if it's a fake? What are some characteristics? I looked on Ebay, and there's hundreds that are fake (because of the cheap prices), but I can't tell the difference in the pictures.
  2. i can pretty much tell right away.

    the best things i can tell you to look for is the color of the edges of the leather. rouge and grenat should have blueish edges, white should have tan edges, etc. on the fakes, the edges will be the same color as the rest of the bag because they're made of vinyl. if you're looking for a black or something, this may not be that helpful. also look at the color of the stitching on the color you want. blue nuit should have slightly lighter blue stitching, not the same color blue. most colors have little details like this that will give away a fake.

    also, the ID tag on the inside should be fully included in a seam, you shouldn't be able to see the thread stitching it in. on the best fake i've ever seen, that was the thing that gave it away.

    the most obvious thing to look at is that the leather on the real ones is just ridiculously squishy and soft. you should be able to see the incredible amount of squish on shots from the side and top - the bag just sort of implodes under its own weight when it's not stuffed.

    if you have any specific auctions you want us to take a look at, post them in the seller watch section and we'll all be happy to help you in any way we can.
  3. The ebay fakes are driving me crazy. I want to get my hands on a pre-owned authentic chloe Paddington but cant tell real from fake. Can anyone tell me what they think of this one listed? em number: 130032453114
  4. arirose, you can post the link in authenticate this and we can help you.
  5. One more easy tell-tale is the hardware; most of the fakes have too shiny and yellowish gold hardware while authentic ones have darkened vintagey brass colour - never blinky gold! :yes: If it looks like too shiny... run...!!!:hysteric: Especially the little studs are bright gold tone in most fakes... of course there are also certain paddington colours that have silver tone hardware, they also have very vintagey look metal in them...

    Oh and here's a great and very informative thread;
  6. This has changed with the FO06 bags. The navy Paddy I bought from LVR has edges and stitching exactly the same colour. You would also notice this on the metallic blue/black padlock Paddy.
  7. Oh gosh, the fakes from canal street (nyc) are sooo obvious... you don't even need a trained eye. :yucky:

    Sometimes, i can see the upside down keyhole and i look at the leather. When you have a real one, it's easy to spot a fake one IRL.

    Pictures are deceptive so you never know until u see it in person.
  8. ^hehe that's how the most fakes are, so agreeing..!! My BF has learned to spot fake paddingtons, he's actually really good in it :lol: I always say he should join PF and start authenticating..!!:nuts:
  9. D&G, I know what you're talking about. Those are REALLY awful... :yucky:

    sonja, my BF is the same way! We haven't seen that many Irl recently but he will look over my shoulder when I'm reading the authenticate chloe thread and say "that's a fake right?" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: We did spot a lady carrying a REALLY bad fake last week outside of BalNY.... It was black and VERY stiff, shaped like a box, and the hardware was BLINDING! So awful.... :throwup:
  10. Audrey that is exactly what we do! I was once authenticating some (actually pretty good) fake and I zoomed the piccies, then I forgot to close them so when my bf came to check his e-mails he was like "...what are these fake paddy pics doing here???" :roflmfao: Also when we go shopping or something we spot some paddys and analyze them together, most of them - at least 99% of them have been fakes. Hehe it sounds like we're not the only crazy couple around!!:Push:
  11. ^^ LOL - The OH's are actually quite talented in spotting the fakes.....only they don't know it!:yahoo:
  12. It's scary how good some fakes are looking. A friend of mine has a fake whiskey, it's actually made with leather (it smells great), has bronzey hardware that looks exactly like hardware on a real one, and has a right-side-up keyhole. The only giveaway that it's not real is that it's not too squishy. But other than that, :wtf:
  13. Yep, it's certainly frightening.
    And the longer a bag is out, the better the fakes get...:yucky:

    I think you just learn over time to tell the difference between real v fake, the more bags you can look at and compare, especially IRL, the better.:yes:
  14. IA with Chicky:yes:
    ....Honestly I cant tell if some lv is authentic or not if it has correct honey tone in the handles - they look all the same to me as I havent been as interested in them as paddys (and because of that I havent compared them that much).... but from paddingtons I can usually tell quite quickly if I see them IRL :P
  15. Authentic Chloe Paddington Satchel - Whiskey!
    Priced to SELL! Item number: 170065274497 I JUST BOUGHT THIS BAG IS IT AUTHENTIC??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP I ALREADY PAID...Please help....I do not want to give my wife a FAKE for her birthday...