DETANGLE my hair!

  1. lately, my hair has been very dry at the ends. My problem is that I think it's causing my hair ends to always tangle. I can't run my fingers through my hair anymore and Im paranoid about my bf touching my hair cause I dont want his fingers to get caught.
    I have nearly at the waist length hair if this matters at all.
  2. i have decently long hair, and although i've been blessed with straight asian hair that doesn't really tangle, when it's giving me troubles i find that using a biolage deep conditioner and their leave in conditioner really helps. i think any decent leave in spray-type conditioner would help with the tangling.

    also, if your hair seems really dry at the ends, maybe a tiny trim might help? :smile:
  3. yeah..i actually did have a trim....cut off 2 inches of my hair...and for a seemed still gets tangled midday..
  4. Oh, can I relate! My hair is down to my rear end, and because I'm disabled and pretty much bedridden most of the time, I lay on it and it's constantly getting tangled.

    I've discovered that the most expensive conditioners are not always the best. Even cheapie stuff like Sauve can work wonders for your hair, but one of the things I've found is that the conditioners work better if you switch brands every couple of washings. Keeps it from building up or something like that. I also slather it in... use tons each time, and let it set. Rinse completely, comb out carefully with a wide tooth comb, let dry NATURALLY. I have never baked my hair with a blow dryer.

    My brush is a natural bristle brush. I read somewhere that this helps distribute the natural oils better.
  5. Try a deep conditioner; I had the same problem and it got a lot better. Trimming it a wee bit every month really helps as well.
  6. I guess my question should have been; what brand products do you use to help detangle yr hair?
  7. I use Kerastase Oleo Relax. It's not really a leave in conditioner, it's kind of a protectant-anti frizz. It's suppose to smooth a rebellious hair, LOL (that's what it says on the product anyway). It works wonder with my hair. I use GHD afterwards and it's still silky smooth.
  8. My hair is thick, but the individual strands are real thin, if that makes sense. I get knots all the time. I use detangler (sometimes I can only find it made for kids) or you could use a light leave in conditioner and spray before brushing through.
  9. I use Johnson's No More Tears Detangler. You just spray it in, let it sit for a minute or two and then start to work my brush through it. It's made for kids, but it still works wonders for my hair, and I have really LONG and THICK hair that constantly gets tangled.
  10. ^^ooh...thanks for the tip! will try that out!!! Didn't think it would be 'strong' enough for adult hair...
  11. I have suuuper super thick curly/wavy hair that gets tangled SO easily. When it starts getting me mad I use Neutrogena Triple Moisture conditioner. I really pile it on, then leave it in while I'm in the shower and shave my legs or something to let it sit. Let us know what works best!!
  12. Matrix hair conditioners!!!

    Use the after-shampoo rinse-out conditioner.

    Then use the leave-in conditioner.

    My frizzy hair has calmed completely down thanks to these products.

    Matrix is only available at some salons.

    If you can't find Matrix, Frizz Ease serum is the next best thing. Drugstores carry it.

    Good luck!
  13. Well, I'm not really fussy about my hair, but I am about how it feels, so I switch between Suave and Aussie. More of what I pay attention to is HOW I use it, which I described above.

    I've also heard of adults using the Johnson and Johnson's detangler for children. I've just never had to use it myself.
  14. 1. Buy a leave-in conditioning detangler (spray) by Paul Mitchell, does wonders, lasts ages, despite the price.

    2. Buy a comb for straight hair, or a brush for curly hair, and use it once a day.
  15. Infusium -23 Leave In Conditioner.