Details for Neiman Marcus Incircle Event on Oct. 11?

  1. Hello,

    Would anyone happen to have promotion details regarding the Incircle event on October 11 at Neiman Marcus? I received a message regarding this from an SA but did not go into detail and it is too late to call back. I want to see if it is worth waiting for before I purchase an item online before it sells out. Thank you!
  2. Hi- I just heard---TRIPLE points on everything except beauty and fragrance! My wallet is in trouble!!!!!
  3. Just heard beauty is included for double points :smile:

    I received a 50 "gift card" to be used during incircle as well
    Lastly- if you spend over 1,000 in fine apparel there are additional gift cards earned!!! Great time to shop!!!
  4. Thanks for the information :biggrin:
  5. Yes and double points on beauty. Do you know if you can use the gc on beauty? I need some La Mer. Also are the triple points good on Chanel, again?
  6. I am excited for this ... I far prefer NM awards and promos over Saks. In fact, I think I'm finally going to cancel my Saks card in favor of NM.
  7. No- the gift card can not be used on beauty or Louis Vuitton:sad: but chanel is included again!!!
  8. Thank you! Hmmm Chanel...
  9. Does anyone know I fine jewelry is included(Van Cleef & Arpels)?
  10. I love Neiman's events.
  11. Yes VCA is included! I was able to purchase a pendant and bracelet. They even let me take it home yesterday.
  12. Awesome! Did you do a reveal?
  13. anyone know when the $50 gc expires? i'm away and haven't been able to check my mail and want to make sure i don't miss out on it. thx ladies! =)
  14. I got this email for $50 off:

    $50 OFF + TRIPLE POINTS! Best customers exclusive‏
    As one of our best customers, you will receive $50 off your $200 purchase when you use code INC50

    Not sure if it will work for anyone who has the code. Exp 10/14
  15. it's only for people that got the email. they send this out every year and this coincides with the store $50 incircle gift card. a pop up comes up and you have to enter the email you were emailed at with the code.