Detailed Seller Ratings question

  1. apologies in advance for a long post...

    i have a question for buyers who leave detailed feedback about shipping time and handling/charges -- do you *ding* sellers who ship by more expensive means (ups or fedex instead of usps) even though their auction specifically states that's how they will ship and the only thing you pay is actual shipping (and i package my items very carefully in the original box and sometimes the original shopping bag which increases the cost)? in fact, many times, the actual cost is more than what the buyer paid and i let it go. also, are sellers penalized for not immediately shipping (when, in fact, paypal advises sellers to wait a few days to ship an item to ensure the charge isn't fraudulent)? i'm a little mystified why i am getting relatively low ratings in these categories and i wonder what is going through the buyer's mind when they leave feedback. when i leave feedback for a seller with respect to shipping i do it based on (1) the actual cost of shipping that i agreed to pay when i bid (if i have a problem with excessive shipping charges i deal with it before i bid), (2) what i think is a reasonable time to receive the item based on the circumstances (if i pay for ground service from the east coast, i expect it will take a least a week) and (3) whether the item was well packaged. it's seems pretty straightforward but i feel i have done everything *right* yet some buyers were apparently dissatisfied (and they never even bothered to mention it to me -- they just said "great transaction!") i've never worried too much about feedback until now when it will directly affect my ability to sell. if i am doing something wrong i would like to know.

  2. I think that there is a lot of misunderstanding from the buyers in the area. Obviously if shipping was stated up front and that is what was charged, why would a buyer rate anything less than 5/5? The only time I have ever left less that 5/5 for shipping is when the seller receives my payment and then for some reason waits a week before they send it out, as verified by either the postage mark or tracking info. Obviously, they shouldn't be rated on the time it took after it left their hands. My two cents.
  3. ^I agree. I have a 4.9 for shipping costs when the majority of the time, I end up having to pay a bit more than what I had the buyer pay for shipping. I don't see why I don't have a full 5 stars for it...sometimes I have no idea how buyers decide to rate sellers.
  4. I think people jsut click on anything in those boxes. I always ship on same day or next and I still dont have full marks
  5. ^Yup, same here, my shipping time is 4.8. What do they want me to do, send it express mail with the whole $5 shipping they paid me? :smash:
  6. I only ding a seller's rating if they overcharge for shipping by a lot. Like when I pay $15 shipping for something sent in an envelope for $4.65.
  7. that seems like the only situation where a ding might be appropriate. i feel like eBay didn't put much thought into how the seller rating would actually work (especially since regular feedback -- which is not anonymous -- is abused regularly).
  8. My shipping time is 4.9 and my shipping fee is 4.7 - I don't get it. I charge actually shipping and often give a refund if I am able to ship for less...I also have the postage SHOW up on the package so they know exactly how much was paid...and yes there are time I have to go out of pocket. I think people don't realize the impact those stupid stars really have. It is sad...
  9. I agree, I ussually pay more, and refund if I over charge by a $1 or more. I also show the cost on the package.....I have a 4.6 for shipping costs:sad:

    I get angry at sellers is if I pay for priority and they ship it parcel, or if they really gouge you on shipping.
  10. I think it's silly for eBay to take into account the seller's shipping costs in the 1-5 ranking thing. Having bought and sold stuff on eBay, I feel that if the shipping is too high to you, then don't bid on it. It's that simple. As a seller, I know how much USPS Priority shipping will be for certain items but if it's something I REALLY want, I'll suck it up and pay for it. If the seller is really screwing everyone over with shipping, eventually s/he will find themselves with no bidders/buyers because no one wants to pay that exorbitant amount.

    I charge a flat rate, and I've had people live one county over and it ends up being less than the flat rate. Then I've sold to people across the country, and I shell out over $10 to pay for the extra.

    I also hate it when people are like, "Took too long to arrive." If the sticker on the box says that they shipped the day after payment and the USPS dropped the ball, then it's not the seller's fault. I see a lot of buyers faulting the seller though. I shipped via USPS Priority and two separate items took over 2 weeks to arrive (to the East Coast, not like Alaska or something).