Detailed Seller Rating Help

  1. Can someone please tell me how I find out what my detailed seller rating is? Do only powersellers have them? I'm not a powerseller but when I look at my feedback page, it tells me how many stars I have for each DSR category, but it doesn't tell me my actual rating.
  2. put your mouse over the last star, and it will show up
  3. Oh Ok thanks. Since there are 4 categories, do I have to average them to find out if I get the DSR special fees? I have 4.7 rating in everything except a 5.0 in communication.
  4. No, I wish. eBay's fee discounts apply to your lowest DSR rating. So if your lowest DSR is 4.8 or over, you get 15% off.
  5. It is a minimum level for all. I think for non-powersellers, you would need 4.6 or above in all 4 categories.
  6. So non-powersellers get a fee discount too if we have high stars?
  7. no, I believe it's a powerseller perk only.
  8. Oh, sorry, cola262 is correct. I had mis-read it. If you have 4.6 or above, you get only 5% discount, but that is for powersellers only also.