Destructive kitties!

  1. Tonight my baby kitties Clarence and Cosmo broke a dinner plate and then knocked a bottle of Chanel perfume off my dresser, which also broke. Gozer recently broke a very large antique mirror which was on the mantel piece of the fire place---he just had to get behind it to see what was back there. Living with cats is hard on your things.

    Who's got stories of their cat's (or dog's) destructiveness?
  2. I think overall I have a pretty good track record with my cats and their not being too destructive.... however

    - my cats caused over $3,000 of damage to woodwork in my previous house! They focused on one room and refused to stop, even with whatever the vet told us to do. We use this one woman all the time to redo pieces of furniture and other wood things, i guess she's a restorer, and she claimed she could talk my cats out of their bad habit.... but it didn't work. *shock*

    - my youngest cat climbed onto the piano and jumped at a painting on the nearby wall...which sent the painting falling onto the piano where the frame & glass broke and the whole mess scratched up the piano

    - my cats LOVE to use the window/deck door screens to climb... which left us with many broken and ripped screens!

    My cats don't bother me as much, I laugh off their issues. I did have a roommate with a cat and I had this fabulous duvet cover that I just loved and I remember it was a total splurge for my college apartment decor... and seriously, with in two weeks of moving in her cat jumped on my bed and put so many runs in my comforter. So so sad!
  3. my kitten isnt too destructive, but shes good at knocking over a glass of water whenever she tries to stick her nose in it and drink from it lol.. but i did caught her chewing the handle of my bag the other day tho.. :sweatdrop:
  4. Our house is pretty much kitty-proofed, but in the past, my babies (2 cats) have gotten into MAJOR trouble.

    When I lived alone in my studio apartment, I had two closets with sliding mirrored doors. My babies figured out how to open the closets and then had a FIELD DAY with my shoes! They chewed up a pair of pointy-toed flats so badly that I had to have one of the shoes completely rebuilt! They also chewed up the toes of another expensive pair of pointy-toe pumps.

    My baby boy, Fitz, has a taste for expensive leather; when I got my LV Speedy, I left it out on the entrance table for literally a minute, and when I turned around he had the leather tag up near the top zipper in his mouth and he was chewing on it!!!! I was mortified...I have a little bitty kitty tooth mark in that piece of leather now. :lol:

    He recently got into our armoire and gnawed on the straps of my BR Kempton tote. Little brat!

    Our bed has a woven bamboo headboard and footboard, and they destroyed that as kittens. The bamboo on the footboard is completely shredded and chewed up on one side.

    We've learned how to get them to behave, but every once in a while they're naughty little kitties and they get yelled at! But I can't help but tell them I love them the next minute. :heart:
  5. Do you still have curtains and blinds? I sure don't. I have shutters, which are not cat proof, but do stand up to the test of feline antics.
  6. ^^^I have wood blinds throughout my house. They're cat-proof too!

    One of my cats broke a Waterford vase. They also seem to be really drawn to the vachetta on my LV bags. I try to keep the bags put away. I'm afraid I'm going to find teeth marks on them one day.
  7. We had a puppy who chewed up countless pillows, outdoor foam cushions, got into the presents under the tree one Christmas (I was gone for 20 min., big mistake) and opened a bottle of perfume, opened an art kit (paint, chalk, etc.), chewed up a typewriter--the list goes on. He grabbed my sunglasses outside and started to chew, but stopped before he ruined them. He did this for 2 years-we were about to give up, then practically overnight he turned into the best dog ever. We had him for 9+ more wonderful years, but those first 2 just about killed me.