Destroyed Luggage.....what To Do!?!?!

  1. Hi guys,
    I need some help, maybe some of you legal wizards out there might be able to help....I don't know.

    Here it is, and let me first say...sorry it is long!!!

    On Aug. 17th, 2006 a piece of our luggage was destroyed by an airline. We were flying into L.A. for my best friends wedding which I was a bridesmaid. On our layover our toiletries bag was destroyed. Apparently dragged 200 or so yards on the truck wheels, which moves luggage from one plane to another. There was over $1100 worth of items destroyed (expensive facial products, hair products, $200 hairdryer, perfume, contacts, shampoos, etc.) The airline had us itemize each item, send all original receipts for every item, have everything noterized, and mailed overnight. After working with the claims lady (who I might add was not the nicest women in the world), this dragged on for almost 2 months!!! Than the airline wanted us to mail the damaged items, some crap about since they were reimburseing us, they owned the damaged items, and needed them for training....whatever :cursing:

    So finally, she says a check will mail out on Oct. 12th, overnight so it will be in our hands before we left for our vacation for over 2 weeks. Well needless to say, it didn't arrive, so on Oct. 17th day before our son and I were leaving on a plane to meet my husband in China, I called the airline for the tracking number (I had asked and they never provided). Finally the supervisor emails me back and said the package had been delivered. I called FEDEX and they said the package had been left than the driver turned back around and decided to bring the letter back to their headquarters in Detroit since he deemed it unsafe to leave at the door. So the night before I leave for our trip I take 2 hours to drive downtown (not a safe area) in the pouring rain to get the letter!! And guess what???!!!! The airline had mailed it to the WRONG ADDRESS!!!!!!!!! NOW, I had our home address on the claims forms, everything. The address they sent the check to was so off base, I don't even know where they got it from and when I asked, they didn't answer!! I even asked how they came up with the $600 figure and never received an answer.

    Finally after more emails on how displeased my husband and I over this airlines settlement and asking the airline to reconsider and re-evaluate, I receive this message from the guy:

    Ms. Guanco,
    I am sorry that you are not satisfied with our resolution to your
    baggage issues. I have, in fact, spent a great deal of time going over
    your file. I also hope that our Los Angeles representative will have
    sent you the interim expenses reimbursement. Again, I can provide a
    Transportation voucher as a customer service gesture which I have been
    authorized to increase to $200.00. There will be no further financial
    consideration or negotiation. This matter has been placed in my hands
    and I am actually going above and beyond in my response because I do
    understand the issue, and want to provide as much as I can. My hope is
    that you will accept our gesture, and settlement check as provided. I
    must advise you that from this point forward, I will not be able to
    continually answer email about this. When you email me, please do not
    expect a response for at least three business days. I am, again, sorry
    that you are not happy with our resolution, but the decision is final.
    Please let me know if you would like me send the Transportation Voucher
    to your address.

    Now, I understand he is doing his job, but I'm sure there is someone out there who might be able to give our issue more thought and reimburse us accordingly for all that was destroyed!!

    Should I try and write a formal letter to the president? Even though I'm sure his assistant will intercept and it will be filed far far away. Do I try to contact another person?? What should I do?? I really feel that the airline owes us accordingly for the items which were destroyed--and maybe a little more than the $200 for inconvenience--actually I found the offer of $100---than upped to $200 transportation vouchers for our inconvenience a joke. :cursing:

    Anyway, I'm just hoping some of you out there might be able to give me some ideas/suggestions on how I might go about handling this and what avenues to take to get more of our money back. Is there a legal angle we can take? Or our we S.O.L. :crybaby: :s

    Thanks everyone!!!!​
  2. Until someone with legal background comes along, I just want to say how sorry I am. I feel your pain. We have had multiple suitcases destroyed, lost, had the TSA go into our bags and break a computer (we filed and they refused to pay). It's an absolute nightmare and you are the victim!!!!!!!!!! They keep getting away with this unacceptable customer "service":cursing:

    My very best wishes for a satisfactory resolution.
  3. I hate to say it, but you're S.O.L. :crybaby: My mother used to work for a women who had literally a ton of LV luggage. They destory about 3-5 pieces of it, and didn't even give her half of what she was owed. They'll use any little thing, like how long you've had the item (say you purcahsed it earlier but never used it) to lower what they have to give you. I hope you get a fair amount back, but be warned you will not be full repaid. :sad:
  4. Ouch! And scary too since I am getting ready to get on a shuttle bus to LAX:sad:

    Good luck with them, that sort of sucky customer service seems to be about the norm when dealing with airports.
  5. Maybe the credit card you used to purchase the plane tickets with has built in travel insurance?

    You could file a complaint with BBB....

    I'm sorry about what happened. Good luck!
  6. in my experience, you're lucky to be getting any money at all...if you read hte disclaimers on your ticket when you check baggage, you'll find that they're actually responsible for a very small amount of what you actually lose. my bf works for an airlines and was surprised you were getting anything back.

    that being said, it really sucks that you lost all of that stuff and how it happened, but I am glad oyu're being compensated. sorry that it happened though :sad:
  7. what state do you think the damage occured in?

    i have no legal knowledge but hubby is a lawyer i just wanna know what state basically b4 i even ask

    hugs none the less

  8. Hi Alvie,

    It happened in Colorado...Denver to be exact.

    Everyone :smile:

    Thank you for your help and support. It really is just so upsetting!
  9. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'd be fuming. This makes me think twice about what to pack in luggage. Grrr.