Dessert for a Wine Tasting?

  1. I've been asked to bring a dessert for a wine tasting/dinner party, but cannot come up with any fabulous ideas! I love to cook, and would prefer to make something rather than buy it. Any suggestions? :love:
  2. Something with chocolate may be a good choice. Most reds go really well with anything chocolate. Do you know if they are going to be serving dessert wines as well?
  3. Yes, there will be dessert wines! I was thinking chocolate as well, maybe molten cakes, but my problem is time - the party is tomorrow evening, and there will be 12 people. :lol:
  4. Pavlova! :girlsigh:

    edit- I just realize you need something for tonight. I like the idea of a flourless choclate cake or torte. I think it would go well with dessert wine...
  5. I agree with everyone else....chocolate something!
  6. Thanks, girls!

    I'll definitely go with chocolate - those truffles look sooo good, and so easy. I might just make them for myself. :lol:

    Claire, it's tomorrow night, I think I'll look up some flourless recipes. :flowers:
  7. If you need a quick dip for the dessert wine, serve it with fresh friut and this easy as can be dip I make, all you need is heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and a little almond extract. mix about 2 cups cream with about 3/4 sugar and the almond use to taste. All you do is mix it with a hand held beater untill it starts to form peaks and put a few dollops on everyones plate with fresh scewered fruit. make sure to refrigerate till your ready to use it. I love it and it taste so yummy. I have used other extracts but almond is the best!
  8. Dark chocolate goes very well with red wine. Enjoy
  9. LadyJ, I'm going to try that fruit dip sometime. It sounds delish!! :girlsigh:
  10. Depends on what the wines are. It's best to try to match to the wines.

    Try to balance the sweetness of desert wine with something light and airy, usually something involving fruit and honey would be good. Chocolate is only really great when paired with dark reds, but sometimes it depends on the specific wine.
  11. Thanks, girls! I know there will be another dessert there, hopefully fruity - so think I'll stay w/ the chocolate. Plus, knowing this couple, they are DEEP into heavy reds. :lol:

    I'm thinking either a flourless choc cake with ganache icing, or a choc tart. I'm going shopping tonight, so need to decide in the next hour or two. :sweatdrop: Tart would be easier, especially if I buy a flash-cooked shell - argh, decisions.
  12. How about chocolate covered fruit.... Strawberries, bananas, that kind of thing. Very easy to do, looks expensive, and tastes even better! :drool:
  13. Great idea, too! Along with Ladyjanes dip. :drool:
  14. its so good, thanks you'll love it, I always make this for parties with fruit sceweres, its sooo light and fluffy. love it!