Dessert Beauty still avalible??

  1. Hiya!
    I was wondering if Dessert beauty was still avalible?
    I did a quick google search but couldnt find much.
    I wanted the lipgloss.
    Any help is much appriciated
  2. did you try eBay?
  3. I didnt know if i should try eBay because i heard some stuff recently about people making fake cosmetics >_< So i'm a lil worried about using eBay.
  4. I googled it and found some still available on this site

    fragrance net . com
  5. Dessert treats are at my walgreens for .99 each and they have tubs! They used to be 8 dollars or something but they are on clearance now! So maybe you could check ur nearest walgreens?
  6. Some stores still carry it but it is mostly old stock. I saw some at Sephora kicking around and at my fave local cosmetics boutique but it was at the bottom in baskets because I think it was on clearance!
  7. Walgreens,Claire's are your best shots or Ebay.
  8. I was about to say that I still see it at Walgreens here where I live.
  9. They used to carry this at QVC. Not sure if they still have any. I've seen it at Claire's as well. Maybe, TJ Maxx??
  10. I've seen it at TJMaxx/Marshalls sometimes.