Dessert anyone??

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  1. I have a major sweet tooth...I feel like I always need to have something sweet after lunch and after dinner. I seriously feel like I go through withdrawls if I don't! I hardly ever go a day without eating something sweet :blush:

    I have been trying to cut down on the sweets to just after dinner, and instead of a "big treat", just having something portioned controlled and low in calories like a weight watchers ice cream bar! It's so hard though when I just want a big fudgy brownie!

    So...anyone else have this "problem" :P
  2. I 'm a sugar addict. I tried to stop it but I can't. I will have something sweet at the afternoon with my tea, sometimes I will make a healthy choice like granola bar, but I secretly wish it was a millefeuille. Yogurt with some cinnamon on top works also great instead of ice cream.

    If I could live with desserts only, I would.

    ps. I know I'm weird but the only thing I can't stand is chocolate, so I'm lucky as most deserts in restaurants are something chocolatey, I never seem to be tempted with dessert when eating out.
  3. My favorite food is ice cream. I never pass it up. I have also turned my dog into an ice cream addict. Whenever he sees me with my special ice cream bowl he is right next to me giving me pathetic puppy dog eyes. I always blame it on him whenever those Hagen daz pints disappear.
    Whenever I go out to eat I always check out the desserts. I can't say no.
  4. i need my daily cookie fix (sometimes it is cake, mooncake or scone/some kind of sweet bread but cookies are easier to store)

    and i cannot eat cookies without my tea :smile: unsweetened, the cookies provide enough sweetness
  5. i DIE for desserts!!!...pastries and cakes, oh man!....i'm not a candy fan at all, but when it comes to desserts...WOOOOO....i'm ALL over it!
  6. i loooove sugar! it's my favorite food lol!
  7. i ate cookies everyday for about a year once! (i was in 7th grade w/ metabolism that i would kill for today of course!!) :biggrin:

    p.s. i LOVE tea & biscuits like the brits do it
  8. my childhood all the way till i was a young adult was spent in an english club (after school was swimming, art lessons, lunch, afternoon tea and sometimes dinner, movies. as a young adult i made use of the very reasonably priced bar haha) so that's where my habit comes from.
  9. really good choc ..
  10. oh and love scones and biscuits .. more biscuits than scones - scone, I prefer them savory!
  11. really? i love scones with clotted cream and jam YUMMY
  12. I love dessert today! I am making apple dumplings and that will be my dinner tonight.

    I also love the maple butter blondies from Applebees and we will often stop there just for dessert.

    Love me a sugar fix every now and then.
  13. I love dessert after dinner, you know, to "cut the grease" :P

    I also love baking