Despite the recall, I still went for it...

  1. Presenting my new Grand Shopper with Modern Chain!!!
    Modern Chain.jpg
  2. It's a gorgeous bag and if the chain doesn't hold up, you should still be able to take advantage of the 1 year warranty on it.
  3. It's a gorgeous bag, I hope you don't experience any chain issues. I love the CC in the patent leather, and the chain matches with that. It's very pretty :yes:
  4. Good for you! I love this bag and was really disappointed to hear about the chain issue. Where did you find it? I didn't know they were still selling it.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it has a long happy life! It is just :love:! Enjoy it and keep us updated on the chain.
  5. :love: this bag ~ i :heart: these heavy chains like this one & the one on the ultimate soft

  6. I got it from the local Chanel Boutique. They said that the issue has been fixed. I talked to Chanelboy and he said that it wasn't really the links that were the problem but the thing that attaches to the bag. So this bag actually has a leather loop that supports the connection between bag and chain so that may well be what the engineers in Chanel came up with. Hopefully if it breaks that it would still be in warranty. I plan to use it everyday so as to test its durability. :p
  7. Congrats! I hope it works out for you.
  8. Nice! Hope it holds up for you.
  9. That is really cute! I hope everything works out with the chain.
  10. I hope it holds up for you too!otherwise you're always covered by the 1 year warranty!
  11. i love this bag soo much i would be prepared to risk it too!
  12. Oh, I absolutely love this bag! I was ready to buy it before the recall too, I'm so glad to hear its been fixed. Congrats!
  13. You got it! Congrats, it's so cute! I don't think I've seen this version before, I thought you were referring to the E/W tote. This one is really adorable too, and only one strap I see.
  14. I love it, how much was the retail on this style? It's so cute!:love:
  15. I love this! Congrats!