Desperatly Seeking

  1. I am looking for this bag, I can't find it anywhere and I really want it in bronze. If anybody has seen it please let me know! Thanks in advance.

  2. Have you tried e-bay?
  3. I found a few there, but I'm not sure if they are fakes. None of them show the interior creed patch.
  4. Try asking for more pictures....
  5. If you find one your interrested in post it here in the Coach auth. forum and we'll be glad to help authenticate it for you! By the way Welcome to the PF!:tup:
  6. I've seen them in the outlets but its been awhile. I'd try eBay. Good luck!
    Also did you call Jax to check and see if they had any left?
  7. mom bought that at the outlets...but that was like back in January.
  8. I found three on eBay and they want 300 and none of them have the white bag.
  9. you can try seeing if your nearest boutique can locate you one. If not, I know they have them for loan at bag borrow or steal in bronze.