Desperatly seeking Olsen scarf!!

  1. Hello ladies,

    I've been trying to figure out who makes this scarf that Ashly's worn quite often! I know she's had this for a while (I've seen it in older pictures) but i am DESPERATE!! i love the scarf, the design, everything so pleaaase help me out girls! I know that if anyone, can identify this scarf it will be you!!
    thank you!!
    Bal 8 copy.jpg scarf 1.jpg
  2. Cute! But I have no idea! I wish I could of helped.. I'm sure someone here knows about it
  3. ^^^ sorry I also have no idea... but it's very cute...
  4. sorry dont know either, but i like it
  5. I love it as well! I can almost assure you it's vintage.. lots of their accessories are, and this scarf definitely fits the bill. You can find similar stuff if you do a bit of looking :smile:
  6. Love the scarf!
    Also the second picture of Ashley. She looks so pretty and cute! I want that hair and outfit.
  7. wow, no idea who made this scarf but it's really pretty! i totally understand why you're looking for it...good luck on your search!
  8. hahahaah ladies you crack me up!! thanks for the tip sammydoll....i will go hunting for this scarf now!
  9. ^ I agree with sammydoll, a lot of their stuff is vintage. Good luck hunting!
  10. looks vintage. try searching for scarves in this color on eBay!
  11. No idea, but I love Ashley's and MK's style to death!
  12. ......AH now I want it.
  13. Ashley wears a lot of Etro scarves.
    You probably won't find that exact scarf anymore because it has been a few years, but the boutique has tons of similar scarves! They are sooo warm & luxurious & Etro is known for their funky paisley prints.
    Hope I helped :smile:
  14. It isn't a sir alistair rai scarf...but I have seen his scarves on Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba & Drew Barrymore.

    Ashley's is definitely Etro :smile: