Desperatly seeking channel

  1. :cursing: Hi everyone, I am new to this forum (rather this is the first time writing I have read alot!!!) and was wondering what all of you think is a great bag for everday casual for spring and summer. I love to wear jeans and sandals, like the look of an unstructured bag, and fill it to the rim. I do not want black as I already have several purses in dark tones. Help!!! The closest channel store is 2 hours away, so I would love to call around after you give me some ideas. Thanks everyone
  2. OMG!!! Please forgive me!!!!I just noticed I spelled it wrong.....I need to channel my chanel thoughts better, its too early in the morning here!!!!!
  3. Welcome to the Chanel subforum. You should do a search of "trunk show" there are lots of threads about the S/S2007 trunk show with pics. Maybe you'll find something you'll like in there. Best of luck.:smile:
  4. bagnurse--i would also look in the ref library at different really helped me.
    soft & chain and rock & chain lines have less structured styles and might suit you.
    i'd also check the expandable line.
    hths! enjoy the hunt for your first chanel!
  5. Expandable tote . I think thats a great big bag , not too structured . Look it up.
  6. Thanks for the help guys!!!! QQ: Does anyone know if the beige soft & chain is available anywhere, and does it fit on the shoulder well? I like to wear shoulder bags for casual...Thanks, guys
  7. it's a beautiful bag...i'd call around, not sure how long waits are for the beige...good luck!
  8. Thanks Mick...I will do just that. Do you know if its meant to be a shoulder bag? I'm not petite or a size 4 so I do need some room under the arm.;)
  9. Hi and welcome to Chanel! oooooh you're in for alot of fun here! And the obsession gets deliciously bad :yahoo: The ladies are wonderful sweet and so helpful
    let us know when you adopt your new baby and bring her home!!!!

  10. Welcome and good luck. Warning though, you will end up getting more than one. :graucho:
  11. yes, a shoulder slouchy bag. and not just for the itty bitty girls, i think. :yes:
  12. I think Coco Cabas is what you want.
  13. I would love the coco cabas bag, but it is not available in a tan, beige or khaki color. Am I wrong????
  14. I know its available in Khaki, but really hard to fine.
  15. Everyone, you have been great!!!!!I used to be a !#@$#$ person bag- every color, new style etc., but its time for some cc's . Can't wait to find one I love, and then before you know it it WILL have babies.Any more suggestions for spring summer tan, beige shoulder bag that looks good with scrubs (only kidding) ?