Desperatly searching for thread!!

  1. hi gals,

    i've used the search function up and down but i just can't find what i'm looking for.
    a while ago (it might be quite some time, i'm not even sure) a tPF member posted a link to a page where she demonstrated how she cleaned up a seafoam twiggy. with all the materials she used, how it looked in between, etc... does anyone know what i'm talking about?? i just find seem to find the thread!!

    i think it was a seafoam, it not then it must have been an 04 turquoise!!
    TIA for any help you guys can give me!!
  2. Hi

    I think it was toni's bag?
  3. thank you thank you thank you zacorey!!!!
    you just TOTALLY made my day!!!
  4. by the way this toni's thread should defintley become a sticky!! it's so helpful!!
  5. ^^^so glad I could could help you find the thread!!!:heart: