desperatly looking for this Chanel bag

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  1. :sad2: Hi, I'm looking for this sport bag by Chanel but I don't know from which collection it comes or anything else about, I've just this pic; if you experts could help me giving more details it should be great:nuts:
    I WANT really buy this bag, but I don't rrust eBay, any of you can help me? thanks :love: :love:

  2. HEY LADIES, nobody can help me about the above question?? pls help me, thanks!!!!!!!!
  3. I've never seen that style so I can't help, so sorry! Hope someone else can!!
  4. Don't worry, and thanks anyway for replying :amuse:
    Hope somebody here will help me!!:shame: :shame:
  5. ladies, no way to get info about this chanel???
    Please, help me:smile:)))
  6. hkstar - Do you think this picture is an authentic Chanel? I've never seen it before either.
  7. I've never seen this style either. Sorry, I'm no help.
  8. i've never ever seen it either...
  9. I've never seen it either...
  10. I haven't seen it before, sorry - is there an outlet near you where you can print out the photo and ask the SAs maybe?

    Good luck!

  11. I think the bag is authentic, few years ago Chanel launched a sporty collection, with fluo colors, and this was part of it...I've no Chanel outlet, but I'm going to my Chanel store and ask about it, thanks girls for your replies:smile:))
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