Desperatlely Seeking BV Bag

  1. Has anybody seen this Bottega Veneta bag at a store recently (including online)? If you recall, I would also appreciate if you could let me know the price.

    I am totally in love with it:heart: but where I am at, it's equivalent to $3400! :wtf: :wtf: Of course, I have searched all of the usual places already,,,

  2. You can ask the personal shopper on BV online to locate it for you at a BV store. They can then ship it out to you wherever you are. I believe the price is just under $2000. Hope that helps
  3. nizlay thanks so much for this information! I am definitely going to order one!!! Wow, it's cheaper than I had hoped.
  4. You are most welcome. If you are interested in the green, I do remember seeing it online at either Saks or Neiman.
  5. That is one beautiful bag! Hope you get it!
  6. THanks for the enbalement, boxermom! :heart: I am (unfortunately!?) usually an Hermes fan, but I fell in love with this bag when I went to the BV store the other day.
  7. oh, that is a lovely bag tokyogirl... go get it...
  8. I absolutely love Bottega bags. Thanks for the info. on this sight. Anyone bought from before? They have authentic items for sure? I'm not familiar with it-
  9. bump Marly's question.

    I also have never heard of this site, although they have a bunch of fabulous stuff which looks quite authentic! Is this site relatively new? Has anybody purchased from them?
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