desperation due to miu miu vitello lux satchel! any help appreciated!!

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  1. There needs to be a medical condition named after the obsession I am currently experiencing with this bag! I'm looking for it in a brown color (i think it's called cognac? definitely not sure ...if someone could confirm that, that'd be great, thanks!) I'm trying to save up for it while simutaneously begging for it as a birthday gift:shame: and I know there are a few brown bows still available (thanks annaversary for the heads-up) but the price is still quite steep for a junior in high school (O how I wish I made my own money!) so any notifications of deals, whether it be sales or legit ebay listings would be SOO GREATLY APPRECIATED! thanks again everyone!!!:heart:
  2. Hang in there Moster! You are in the right place to help you find that Bow! If anyone can help's the tPF gals and guys!!! ;)
  3. hahah thanks soo much! I only joined YESTERDAY and I'm pretty much addicted to this site and all you super helpful girls (and guys)- I love it here!
  4. I'm definetly keeping my eye open on it for ya :okay:

    Are you looking for this one???
  5. well since we're on the subject of bows (again)... if someone sees the scamosciato (suede) version anywhere... please PM me... I think I'm catching moster's medical condition! heehee..

    Hey Annaversary... good grief... you're becoming the bow satchel queen... i hope you get one in better condition soon. You have got to be able to enjoy your purchase girl... you deserve it!
  6. Hahahha. Your so silly marose28 :lol: I am not the BOW queen, I just happen to be a professional at tracking them down since I call in for my ALLUMINIO daily...:wacko: Hahaha.

    OH! I will DEFINETLY keep my eye out on a SUEDE bow for you.

    This one correct???
  7. Saks is carrying the brown bow and it's called Sughero. It's in a thick leather calf leather, very nice.

    Saks BH has one on display but the bows were all bent out of shape. They may have some in the back so give them a call. You can find their number on the website.

    Good luck!
  8. annaversary.. yup that's the scamosciato... now say that 5 times. hee hee
  9. hi everyone!! thanks a BUNCH for all your responses! I'm so happy I found you guys...

    annaversary, that one is exactly what I'm looking for! Is it the sughero linpaddy described? gawd, I hope so.

    thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
    :heart:you all

    (confession: I actually couldn't WAIT to come home from school today and check tPF first thing!)
  10. I can't stop staring at that picture and probably won't until the bag is on my arm and then I can stare it at there! heheh
  11. moster!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. annaversary, I'm trying to save up for one/ have my parents contribute to the cause for my birthday so I'm attempting (probably in vain) to find a deal on it because I don't quite have the funds to pay the retail price. Thanks so much anyway!

    so is that color called sughero??
  13. Yes. That brown calf leather bow is called SUGHERO!

    Goodluck! :tup: