Desperation! Baby Cabas In Teal Or Navy

  1. I know its almost impossible...but where do I find a teal baby cabas or the navy one......please help becuase I wont give up searching...thanks.

    Someone out there must have seenone or knows where it is....just give me a glimmer of hope....
  2. helpppp!!!
  3. I thought I saw a teal and a dark blue baby cabas on eBay under seller personalshoppers. Have a look....
  4. Did you try Nieman Marcus' catalog? The latest catalog I got had the navy in it. Call 1-800-825-8000, Catalog Code F107, item number 10A. Good luck!
  5. Thank you xx
  6. personalshoppers on eBay has one..

    Buy it and get rid of my temptation!!