Desperately want this bag, desperately need help!

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum (been reading religiously for over a week now), and I posted only once before about this bag, I want it SOOOOO bad. I learned from you guys to look for this particular seller who is reputable and she has this bag!!! Can you guys please check it out and let me know if you think it is indeed authentic?
    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI ZUCCHINO SPORTY SATCHEL BLACK (item 170083022878 end time Feb-25-07 17:39:33 PST)

    The auction ends in just under a day, and if you give me the thumbs up, I'm really going to go for it!!



    PS: I am quickly becoming obsessed with all fendi bags!
  2. Welcome Daisy....looks like the auction has ended, how did you make out? By the way, you can post stuff in the "authenticate this Fendi" thread, not sure if you knew about that.