Desperately want a pink bag! Venice Hobo or Howard St?

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  1. What do you ladies think? I love both of these bags, the Venice in hot pink and the Howard Street in Magenta. If you could only get one, which would you pick and why?
  2. I like both bags. I was looking at the Venice Hobo at first but I fell in love with the Howard St. in Carnival. Looking at your picture, I think the Venice Hobo will look fantastic on you. Good luck and let us know which bag you bought.
  3. Oooh...this is a tough one...they are such a different look I think you could justify having both...(I know I am not helping!)

    When I was trying to decide between the two I picked venice (satchel) first because I like the zipper detailing on the side and how the bag cinches in on the sides. The shape also looks different from other bags that I have.

    I will get the howard eventually!

    Good luck! Either one will be beautiful!
  4. personally i would get the howard st. carnival!
  5. Elmel, what happened to your pic? I like the rose picture though. :biggrin: Have you decided? The Carnival is a great color too only if you're in to animal prints. I ordered one yesterday. Howard St. is actually smaller than the Venice.
  6. ha thanks! i realized after you mentioned my pic that it is about four years old, ha! i'm still going back and forth.. but it will be a couple weeks beofre i can get either $$-wise. ahh i just don't know what to do, i wish i could see them in person but no place around me carries botkier!
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    No one carries Botkier in your area?? That's even better! Ha ha! :biggrin: Here in Vancouver, I see a lot of Coach but I haven't noticed anyone carrying Botkier. I just went for my gut instinct what to get but after seeing the Venice Hobo in black, I started drooling again. The only problem is I have too many black bags and I want something fun that I can wear all year round.

    Really, I like both bags. I'm not much of help. LOL Looking forward to some reveal pics in here soon. :biggrin:

    Venice Hobo in Hot Pink

    Howard St. Satchel in Magenta
  8. What's your preference for carrying style (hobo vs satchel), and for hardware (silver vs gold)? Also, are you a big bag girl, or more of a medium bag girl?

    If the designs both appeal to you equally, I think you'll probably need to look at practicality and how well the bag suits your personal preferences for functionality. If you get a bag in a carrying style or a hardware colour that you don't like, or if you get one that is too small/too big for your typical usage, you may find yourself just storing the bag away rather than actually using it.

    BTW, size-wise, I think the Venice Hobo is definitely larger than the Howard St Satchel, which is probably best classified as a medium-sized bag. (It seems to be comparable in size or slightly smaller than the Trigger Medium Satchel, for instance.) Luna Boston has dimensions of the Howard St Satchel up, and the tPB video with Monica shows her handling the Howard St Satchel too, to give you a sense of scale. HTH!
  9. I loved the Venice line until I saw the Howard St line....Howard St. all the way in Magenta! I love the deeper color of the Magenta, I think it will go with more. Good luck and be sure to post pics of whatever you get!! :smile:
  10. I would get the howard street, because the combination of huge and bright pink is a little much for me on the venice hobo
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    I don't know if this will help you but since you wanted one in pink, this one is like %60 off and it's a hobo, not the kind you want though...I just hope the link works!

    not allowed!


    I checked it's actually a burgundy...ooops
  12. ahhhh the venice in pink is sold out everywhere :sad: - do you think it iwll come back??
  13. Try the Nolita boutique maybe they still have one lying around...Good luck!
  14. Oh no. Did you e-mail Botkier? Maybe they can find one for you.
  15. Here is the number to the boutique 212 625 1680. They might have one still left in their store, or at least you can see if they will have more or find one for you like YVR suggested. Good luck!