Desperately want a cerises speedy

  1. Do you ever wake up one morning and decide there's an LV bag you just HAVE to have???:tender:

    Well I did this morning lol...

    I want, nay, NEED a cerises speedy but in order to afford it I would probably have to wait till Christmas and sell at least one of my other bags...:crybaby:...which is kind of a depressing thought.

    My cerises cles is currently up for sale but it doesn't look like its going to go for very what else should I consider selling???

    My speedy (my 1st LV bag...first trip to an LV boutique).

    My vernis malibu street (most valuable bag I own...TDF...but I don't use it much)

    My perfo pochette (last thing I bought, I use it the most)

    Logic tells me to sell the speedy...but my heart wants to keep them all lol.

    What would you do???:girlsigh:
    my babies.JPG
  2. :crybaby:Oh this is such a terrible decision you have to make!

    But I do think I agree with you; sell the speedy (if you absolutely have to sell anything). I mean, the sentimental value is there....but the perfo pochette is limited, and the vernis malibu street is just so pretty...I think the speedy would be the easiest thing to buy again, if you wanted to get it back later on down the line...

    but then again, the malibu street would hopefully bring in the most money towards a cerises speedy? :shrugs:

    hth...good luck with your decision!
  3. Tough decision! Hmm, go with your gut. Which bag could you do without and not miss too much?? I know the feeling since I'm selling an LV I hardly use.
  4. Aww nooooo, it's a painful decision, isn't it???:crybaby:

    My gut says do the logical thing - sell the speedy - I got the perfo pochette and malibu street at very reasonable prices, and the chances of ever getting them again are pretty slim.

    I feel like a bad mum for wanting to sell one of my babies lol:girlsigh:, but I've always wanted a cerises speedy - it's the thing that got me interested (and later obsessed) with Louis Vuitton.
  5. Go with your instinct. If you are obsessing over the cerises, GET IT! You can always get the sppedy again since it's classic.
  6. You and I are in the exact same boat. I just started obsessing over the cereses speedy also, and am seriously contemplating getting one. Just cant decide if I shold do it or not. OY!
  7. How long do you guys think I should wait until I get one???

    I know they'll only go up in price but do you think I'd still be able to find one if I waited til after Christmas this year (i.e when I can afford it lol)???

    I'm after one with very light to no patina...and I'm picky lol...

  8. Ohhh yay!!! Another obsesee!!!:yahoo:
    We can be cerises-speedy hunting buddies :lol: lol.
  9. PERFECT:nuts: !! Im so e-bay paranoid:Push: Are you good at telling the auth. from the fake? I suck:upsidedown: LOL!!
  10. Oh, but where else you can find one other than ebay..? :sad: I'm in such similar situation as you guys..! Been loving a cerises speedy for so long but still haven't get one due to:
    -lack of $$$ (my saving always seem to go to somewhere else... :P )
    -afraid of ebay (never bought anything from ebay before... :sad: )
  11. If I were in your position, I would sell the speedy 25, because you are going to get the same speedy 25 except it has cerises on it.

    I sold my mono speedy 30 and bought a MC speedy 30 because they both are the same size. ;)
  12. And oh, LV_obsessed, I think you should sell the speedy too... :yes: When you feel like carrying a speedy, just carry your cerises speedy instead..! ;)
  13. There are ways to tell the real cerises speedy's from the fakes, check out allison_v's link: eBay

    It's got heaps of useful tips.

    Also, it's better to stick with MPRS sellers other PFers have had good experiences with and make sure to have it authenticated as soon as it arrives, even if that means a 3-hour trip to LV (like I have to do lol).

    Good luck hunting guys, I won't be able to get one for a couple of months yet so I'll let you know if I see authentic ones up in the mean time!!!
  14. OMG, count me in. I've been obssessing about cerises speedy too, but been so afraid to make that move on ebay:sad: So many horror stories, ugh:rant:
  15. Yeah, ebay is officially a biatch when it comes to a shopping for LV....just do your research and make sure you get some expert PF'ers sniffing around your potential seller and you'll be FINE.

    Oky dokeys, i'm taking some photos of my speedy now....
    I'll put her up for auction in October sometime I think...sniff...