Desperately trying to sell my alma. eBayers cheapskapes

  1. Hey
    Does anyone know where I can sell an authentic gold LV epi alma.

    I put it up on eBay and the bidding got to $170.

    I was disgusted!!! I want to sell it to fund another bag, but I would never sell it in such good condition for $170.

    I was so sad :crybaby:
  2. things with lots of pics tend to get more interest. and set a reserve price. HTH.
  3. thanks
    i did set a reserve price, so I don't have to sell it for $170. It had heaps of pics too. I think people just want something for nothing! I was really offended.
  4. Well, that's the very nature of eBay... finding something for "cheap." That's why I LOVE it personally. Also, as many have pointed out in the eBay thread... right now is not a good time for sales. Back to school etc have taped people out, so sellers are not seeing as much sales. I would hold onto it for around Christmas time. Also, some of the Epi pieces are just in abundance right now left and right as an MPRS seller pointed out to me. The market seems to be flooded with them and certain other LV styles. I think it may be because just like you others are trying to get rid of some to get the new fall styles.
  5. There are other factors like condition and shipping that could have affected it too. Did you list any imperfections, taking good closeups of the areas? Did you take good pics of the heatstamp, LV and date code for people to authenticate by? If shipping costs were listed, are they excessive? Also, if it is in excellent condition, make sure to write that too.

    $400 is not too expensive IMO, but it depends on the condition of the item. Perhaps gold is not a popular color. It may sell better in Oct/Nov.
  6. Color really is a big deal. Your feedback has a lot to do with it too. Maybe contact Fashoonphile on ebay and do a consignment!
  7. Like others have said, don't dispair, just wait a while and relist it around the holidays (Oct/Nov) when people go mad for gifts, and also, gold is a GREAT color for wintertime.
  8. Don't feel too bad. My stuff is not selling either. On top of that, every item I am watching is getting no bids. Bad time of year.
  9. Gold Epi??

    Did I miss something?
  10. You can always try imagechic or consign with annsfabulousfinds

    Just a reminder for everyone that there is no buying or selling here unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza.
  11. It is an older color from the 90's. Not sure of when it was discontinued though. Hard to describe the color, kind of a dark yellow.
  12. Dark yellow/gold sounds like it would sell much better in another month or so than it will now. Hang in there! I've had some awesome designer bags sit repeatedly with no action and then suddenly there's a flurry of interest. As others have said, do the best job you can with the description and the pics. Look at other similar auctions and see what you like and don't like about the listings. Maybe give it a rest for a few weeks and relist it in Oct. Remember -- all you need is one buyer!

    On the other hand... if times for sellers are lousy right now, that means it is a GREAT time for buying, doesn't it!:yahoo:
  13. it was yellow and had lilac interior.
  14. I was having some trouble selling my bags on ebay as well - just sold all my listings this week by changing my tactic - I did Buy it now or best offer auctions. Yes, I did get some really lowball offers, but some were realistic, and on those I emailed them back with the lowest couteroffer I could, and they accepted each time. I got exactly the lowest I could go, but I did end up with all of them selling, so I count it as success!
  15. I sold a bag a couple weeks ago, same thing. Listed it as buy it now or best offer. The girl who ended up buying it made me a offer, but by the time I checked my messages she used buy it now. Didnt want to miss out.. LOL.. :tup:

    I would try selling them this way, maybe you will have better luck!