Desperately trying to find quarters...

  1. ... because I have to do laundry today! Kitty got into SO's gym bag and PEED all over everything (including a book which I will replace for him today). Once in a blue moon he'll pee on a pile of clothes or something... haven't figured out why, as I always clean his box thoroughly (and daily). It doesn't happen often enough for me to call it a problem, but I am rather sorry he had to urinate on my boyfriend's stuff! Anyone know if I can stick running shoes in the washing machine?
  2. LOL, my dog does this too. Every once in a while he pee and poo wherever he likes. My cats on the other hand, they're very good, they always stick to their litter box, and mind you theirs is not that big and they gotta share it with the 4 of them, LOL.
  3. LOL! aww... Maybe she's jealous of him. ;) I've put running shoes in the washing machine many times. So it should be okay.
  4. Oxy-clean (dissolve it in super hot water and then add to the washing machine) takes out the smell of pee really, really well.

    And I am very sorry that I know that:crybaby:
  5. Maybe the cat doesn't like the litter? When Louis was a kitten, we'd have the same problem. He'd go everywhere BUT where he was supposed to.

    Nowadays, we find little poops around the house but my theory is that maybe some got stuck to his butt fur and fell off when he was running around. (Louis's a longhaired cat.)