Desperately seeking Work in Ink

  1. Hello all! Long time listener. First time caller. :smile:

    I am REALLY wanting a Work in Ink for my birthday. I need guidance. Where should I start my quest?

    I so appreciate any help.
  2. eBay would be your best bet. i have been seeing a lot of ink popping up on eBay recently. good luck!
  3. BalNY had one a few weeks ago... It might still be there! :smile:
  4. Thank you both. I will keep an eye out for eBay auctions. I called BalNY and they don't have my bag. But I have hope. I will find an Ink somewhere somehow. I'm a fighter. No retreat! No surrender!
  5. ^^^ That's the spirit! Good luck!
  6. The blue ink in the work is one for auction
  7. There's one up on ebay right now, and the seller is a tPFer(Celia_Hish).

    Good luck!!:tup: