Desperately Seeking These Brian Atwood Pumps...Has Anyone Seen Them in an 8/8.5???

  1. Brian Atwood Wine Cut-Out Pumps.jpg Brian Atwood Wine Cut-Out Pumps_2.jpg

    I am absolutely obsessing over these shoes!!! The only places that I have been able to find them are NM and Bergdorf's and they are completely sold out. Has anyone seen these anywhere in an 8 or 8.5?

    Mods, I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place!
  2. Just bumping this in case anyone might be able to help!
  3. A few sizes just popped up, but none in your size. I would just check the link daily b/c a return in your size is bound to pop up. Sorry! :sad:
  4. I do check NM several times a day - I have had a lot of luck with others things this way, so I am still hopeful, just impatient!!! :hysteric:Thanks so much for keeping an eye out and posting!!!
  5. they had one on nm yesterday
  6. Ugghhh, are you kidding?!?! :crybaby:I can't believe I missed them!! I checked several times yesterday - like I have been everyday for like two months now :shame: - and each time I checked they only had a size 10!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  7. Call April in the shoe department of Chicago's NM. Undoubtedly, she'll help you out. Tell her Annie sent you.
  8. Thanks, Annie!! Is April at the NM on Michigan Ave.?
  9. Yes. If she's not available, ask for Tony. They're both great.