Desperately seeking the Botkier Sophie Small Tote in Bordeaux...

  1. On sale!!! I'll take 20-25% off - I can't even find this color online anywhere.
    Any ideas ladies?
  2. I didn't notice it was the large on sway & cake's website :sad:
  3. just missed Shopbop's sale, it was on for $460+ something...I have it in ink. Beautiful bag! I'll keep my eyes open!

    Too bad you couldn't discover that you loved it a little sooner, they just had a 20% off holiday promotion but it ended december 6th. The best you can do now is jessicastyle for an extra 15% off. Might be worth it if you REALLY want the bag, though :p.

  5. I know - I saw the Raisin one up there for awhile...but really wasn't sure about the bag until I saw it at the sample sale. Now I can't stop thinking of it! Doh!!!! Love this color and the grey color too!!
  6. Hey lithiumpearl! Thanks for this info - I never heard of this site - are they reputable?
    When does the 15% off promotion end? Thanks !!!

  7. Hey lovekoobabags, you're welcome. Yes, they are a reputable site, they are actually one of those boutiques in LA that get a lot of press because celebrities go there so often. I don't know of the expiration date for the code, it's been around for a while so maybe it doesn't have an expiration date? Not sure, but I tried it out and it works!
  8. Well, if you like the grey color, they have it at Active Endeavors and you can use "apologies" for 25% off!!
  9. Do you like the INK color????
  10. I LOVE my bag in ink! It's almost a purplish dark blue, if that makes sense. The leather is so soft. I had been totally disappointed with Botkier until this bag!
  11. i dont think they make fakes of this bag... or ioffer would have em! Hey PurseInsanity can you pleaseeee post pics of your bag on your shoulder? what size is yours? thanks
  12. I have the small...which is plenty big enough. Fits on my shoulders without problem...probably wouldn't with a coat though. I'll try to post pictures later.