Desperately Seeking Style....

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  1. 5 years ago my SIL had a MJ clutch/pouch that she used for makeup (I believe it had a mirror inside). It was quilted with a snap lock on the side (I am going from memory here.....)and then she lost it! My MIL would like to buy her another one, but we cannot find the style name anywhere. DOes anyone have any ideas......thanks so very much!
  2. Thanks Melly....I am struggling to be specific as it was a long time ago and I am going based on my scanty memory. But let me try harder..I would say about 7 inches long....quilted all over, with the push lock, but the lock came across one of the sides (INstead of in the middle). It was a pop of color...seems like it was close to being tangerine. I think it would have been 2005. Thanks for trying!!!