Desperately seeking Resort 06 zip clutch in SCARLET color......sold out so far

  1. i really need a red zip clutch and saw this zip clutch at the MJ shop in every color but red in Bev Hills. THey checked with MJ Mercer Street but they had also sold out of the scarlet color. Does anyone know where I can find this wallet on some website or another? Have checked the usual suspects but it is not easy to zero in on this one.
  2. ^ Scarlet Zip Clutch is completely sold out in the company (MJ stores), the last piece at the NY store was the sold as well.

    NM and Nordstrom didn't get Scarlet for Resort 2006. Give Bloomingdale's a call, they tend to get more colors than other non-mj stores. Good luck. =)
  3. Geez bag.lover don't do that to me!! Everytime I see something that's sold out I want it!!! :push:
  4. Scarlet would be a great color for a ZC! Good luck with your search!
  5. i am blown away by bag.lover's knowledge!!! thank you for naming that bag for me. re: wallet, looks unlikely i will find it in scarlet. they did have a great bright blue (sort of electric that the SA called blue) which i guess would be a 2nd choice, what does anyone think of that color. I think it is somehow harder then a good strong red.
  6. ^ i've been eyeing that blue for a long time. finally got a zip pouch in the blue. such a strong, vibrant color. personally, i would choose blue over scarlet.
  7. Are you willing to wait for another red zip clutch? It's included in Fall 2007 lineup (in stores in another 2-3 months), the official color name is Bordeaux. =)
  8. Resort is a transitional period from Fall/Winter into Spring/Summer -- not as many pieces of an item are made (boutiques didn't get too many), popular items can sell out easily.
  9. I prefer red over blue, but I think blue would work equally as well as red.