Desperately Seeking Pom

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  1. I contacted Leo @ Barneys NY, but they only have a few Poms left (in colors that don't really call out to me). Have any of you seen stores with a good amount of Poms - or at least know they're hiding in the back?

    Any Bal or Barneys will do -- I am shipping to CT and would like to avoid the tax of NM/Saks/Nordies.

    THANKS SO MUUUUUCH!!! :biggrin:
  2. I am having the same problem! I really want a sorbet pom but I have a store credit only @ Bal boutiques :sad:

    What color are you looking for?

    I saw some poms in Chicago at Barney's but that was like a month ago so I am not sure if they are still there :shrugs:
    Also, I have been talking to Mina(I think that's how you spell name) at BAL Las Vegas and she is very nice! I am sure if you call her she would let you know what colors they have in stock there.

    Sorry I am not much help but if I see any I will let you know!:biggrin:
  3. ^ Thank you! Could you please PM me Mina's contact info (email if you have it as it is easier than to call her during school hours ;) )?

    I will keep an eye out for your Sorbet Pom! I am looking for a nice neutral, but not sure what that specific color may be yet. :thinking:
  4. ^GAAAAAAH!!! Missed it -- it's already in someone's shopping bag. That'll teach me to pay attention in Evidence class :P

    Thanks so much, though!!! :smile:
  5. Retail on that is $1495 no bargain there...
  6. i was calling around last week and found a sorbet gsh pom at the neimans in white plains, ny...incase anyone is interested
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  8. Balenciaga @ south coast plaza has a GGH poupre pom pon last time I called..
  9. Also try Gretta Luxe in Wellesley, MA ... they had about 3 Pom Pom's last week (Cyclade, Papeete and Outremer) - all GSH.
  10. Try Bal london, look for Anna. She will be able to help :smile:
  11. omg, thanks so much, all!!! you guys are awesome :yahoo:

    TMitch6542, i really like RH but i'd like something a little bit more deep than Sahara (and i already have black and outremer) - i am looking at pics of chataigne to assess how deep it is.

    clarimond and CeeJay -- i will follow your leads and ask! although i think i'd rather do a more toned-down color, but i'm going to do some more research, since i find pourpre and papeete DELICIOUS.

    Jasterock, i'll def contact Anna. i also have a call out to Bal LV, seeing if Mina gets back to me.

    i'll report back on my search! :biggrin: