Desperately seeking oval clutch!

  1. anyone know if any stores are still carrying this? i know its hard to find bc the style has been discontinued but i MUST have one!! they are just too cute! i would love an oval clutch in ink to match my ink twiggy but any color will do too! :nuts:
  2. You can check with NM in White Plains, NY. I've seen them there from time to time. I haven't been there in awhile so I don't know what they currently have on the shelves. You can ask for Mann. THe number is (914) 428-2000 extension 2516. Good luck in your search.
  3. Thanks Kat!! Im going to call them right now!
  4. I just ordered a griege oval clutch! thanks kat for all of your help!!:yahoo:
  5. sorry, per Balenciaga Forum rules, no eBay discussion/commentary
  6. Do you know if NM had any other ovals when you called? Thanks so much!!!
  7. the SA said they might have white left but i didnt have him go check in the back bc i really wanted the griege. i know that Balny has 2 in truffle left.
  8. Too late but I saw a white one at Barney's BH.
  9. Thanks, good to know Glimmer. Even though I just ordered one, I'm still curious where they are still left.
  10. are there any oval clutches left out there? would probably need to buy it on line as i live in Asia.. Any info would be great. thanks
  11. Balenciaga Paris may still have one left. You can't order online, but you can call them on the phone and they will ship to you.
  12. ^^ thank you for the info. ;)
  13. Okay everyone! Let's wipe out all the unpurchased Ovals out there!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I just love this style and I'm very glad it's gaining more loyal following.
  14. anyone seen any ovals recently?
    any color but brown or white...
  15. ^^ i saw 2( blue and the other black) in eBay about 2 weeks ago but theyve been purchased. you may want to check there every so often as they pop up from time to time.