Desperately Seeking New Denim Mini Cruise Pleaty

  1. Hi all, does any one know about the Denim Cruise Pleaty with Charms? I don't know what the retail price is and when i check it on the net all i get are fakes :yucky: ! i looked on the LV site but there's no price and elux isn't selling it and they don't post to australia anyway.... Can any1 help? thanks in advance :yes:
  2. I think it's $2,500 USD.
  3. It was around £1290 in london!
  4. It's $900 USD You can call the 866 number and see if they can find one for you! Good luck! I wanted one too!

    I don't know how much the Mini Pleaty customize is though
  5. I have one. The exact price before tax is $2,590.
  6. Think mine was around $2,700 including tax.
  7. There was one in my stores a week ago
  8. There is one in short hills mall.
  9. I think there's still one at my local boutique.
  10. Good luck on your search! It's a cute bag!
  11. USD 2500. It's very cute. Good luck with your search.
  12. wow why so expensive for such a small bag? more than $2000 USD? I was actually looking for this bag too, but was it a permanent collection or no?
  13. Our Montreal store has it :yes:... dunno if this helps with your search or not...
  14. Last time I checked there were 13 left within the US.
  15. no asking for fake sites please!