Desperately seeking medium Betty satchel on sale

  1. I have been dying for this bag for so long now that I am finally giving myself permission to buy it. There is one condition. It must be on sale for at least 40% off. I saw a large Betty satchel today at my local Nordstrom for 40% off. I really have my heart set on a medium satchel though. Has anyone seen one at their local Nordies or anywhere? Color is not so important. Please help ladies!
  2. Will it help if the large Betty you saw today will be 60% off tomorrow?
  3. Why not call your local Nordies and get them to search their computers for you. If that fails call the other department stores. Most of the SA are helpful and gladly search for you. As of Monday ( June 25 ) there is an additional markdown to 60% off.
  4. Although 60% off a large is tempting, if I'm going to spend that much on a bag it has to be exactly what I want and I'm dead set on a medium. The large is just too big for me.
    I did ask a SA at Nordies to check their system for a medium for me but she said she couldn't. Did I just get one who is really dim? She said she can't locate a medium without a style number (or some number) for it. I asked if she could use the number from the large one they have in stock. She said no, that it would only find other large Betties. She tried to look for the number for a medium in a stock book of bags, but the book didn't have the meduim Betty in it. She said she would try to find it in the computer tomorrow and call me. Should I try a different SA?
  5. Yes, you should definately try a different SA..they should be able to look up in the system what is available
  6. Def get another SA to help you. Ask for a manager or an Assistant manager.
  7. KofP had a Patent Tote and a bown Betty Chain. I think they also had a larger brown Betty Bag.
  8. Hi,

    I have called around to about 5 different Nordies and had them look for a Small or Medium Black Betty and they all have told me they can't find a style # for it in the sysstem so they think they may have only ordered the Large?
  9. Call nordies Mall of america and speak to TONY. She is super nice and VERY knowledgeable.
  10. Thanks chabich. That's what I was afraid of. I'll keep trying. I called KOP but they only have a large and they don't have lookbooks that go far enough back to find the Betty to see if they ever had medium. :sad:
  11. Thanks for the referral! I just spoke to her. She was great. Unfortunately it looks like Nordstrom never ordered the medium in the satchel style. I am so sad. There is one on Bluefly but it's only 20% off and I'm too scared to buy Chloe from Bluefly. Especially since I'm not very knowledgeable in Chloe. I just know I'm in LOVE with Betty.
  12. You should try Saks...last Wednesday I ordered a small betty tote in black over the phone. I called the Saks in Atlanta..but I am pretty sure the bag wasn't located here. Good luck!
  13. Btw, the small black betty tote came up to $655 after tax and shipping if you were wondering
  14. Have you tried calling different NM stores to see if they carried them? Maybe some have been returned from the sale.
  15. Lawchick call my SA Rachel cause I just ordered the betty chain ( which is about the medium style) in Aregent, she has a grey tracked down and a BEAUTIFUL cream python 1650.90 from 4155 (503) 224-6666 ext 1255.
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