Desperately seeking Lanvins!!

  1. hi everyone! i ordered these Lanvin Patent Ballet flats from the Barneys online site 2 weeks ago and yesterday i got an email saying they were sold out!!! :cursing: WTF - it takes them that long to tell me??? anyway, does anyone know where else they sell Lanvin flats, either a brick-and-mortar store or online? thanks so much, any info will be greatly appreciated :girlsigh:

    here's my shoes i ordered:love:
  2. sells them. Jeffrey's atlanta has a large selection.

    Barney's online has done that to me several times. I call a store whenever I want something to make sure they have it.
  3. Barney's and Susan, both in SF, had them as of last week. good luck!!
  4. I think pretty much any real life Barneys can get you some, they have plenty in the stores right now.
  5. i know, it's so annoying!! they are also "sold out" of another item i had ordered as well. i told their customer service person that they need to constantly update their website - other online stores do it with no problem, like shopbop, etc.

    thanks for the info everyone - i'll call Barneys up north and Susans too, thanks

  6. unfortunately, not in my size - every Barneys is sold out of 9.5 in that style :cursing:

  7. Try all the Barneys stores first. Just do an online search and start calling stores.
    If you don't have luck, I just ordered some regular leather from Bala Cynwyd Saks over the phone. I'm not sure if they have patent but they seem to have a good selection with plenty of sizes. It's worth a try. The # is (610) 667-1550x350. Bill helped me and he was very helpful.
  8. thanks lawchick! i'll give them a call :smile:
  9. A German site called: has many Lanvins. I have bought 2 pairs from them and i am extremely satisfied. They are equally good as netaporter. Good luck!!!
  10. SAKS in BALA,PA has a HUGE selection of LANVINS
    1-610-667-1550-I use FERN or WALTER