Desperately seeking ink first!

  1. Hi,
    I preordered a blue india first from BNY but really having second doubts about it. I really really want a nice not too veiny ink first but I cannot find one:crybaby:. Elizabeth thomas listed one on ebay that I was about to bid on but she pulled it off for some reason.
    Are any of these inks still around in stores? If you have seen any, please please let me know!! TIA!
    Oh yeah, does anyone know the return policy for Bal.NY?
  2. Thanks Peanut!! I was hoping to find one in the US but I'll keep them in mind. Thanks again!
  3. Anytime ;)
  4. Did you find one yet? There is one at Mix Modern in Houston. I don't have the number off hand but I saw it on Saturday. I didn't examine it but if I recall, I think it was pretty veiny.
  5. Saks just shipped me an Ink first when it was supposed to be an Ink Twiggy. PM me
  6. Thanks Glimmer:flowers:! I know they are hard to find but hoping I can locate a not so veiny one.
    Z&J..PMd ya!