Desperately seeking Hermes scarf!

  1. I was outbid on an Hermes Annie Faivre plisse scarf and can't stop thinking about it! It's absolutely gorgeous. It's the Annie Faivre 'Art des Steppes' in a mustard colour with jewel tones of rich blues, greens and burgundy. Does anyone have any information about this scarf? Are there any Hermes stores that still sell it? I have googled it but cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Where can I buy it from? *desperate*!:hysteric:
  2. I forgot to mention it's the plisse (pleated) version.
  3. Apparently, if you bring in a regular 90cm twill, the store will send it off and have it pleated for you. I have no idea of the cost or time frame. Call Rodeo tomorrow and ask.
  4. I heard $100 and a few months. Totally worth it, IMO.
  5. Wow! Does this mean i should buy an extra scarf from now, just to have a version in pleats? :graucho:
  6. ^as long as you are not in a rush, LOL...Mine has been gone 5 months!
  7. ^^Heavens. How can you stand it? :wtf:
  8. Honey, isn't that a bit excessive?! That shibori process is arduous but I don't think it takes 1 week. Tell them they should pay you a rental fee!
  9. The scarf is from years ago - 15 or so, so you will find it only on eBay or consignment store, not at Hermes.

    But, here is something to think about, that might help you get over it ... Most plisses are shown spread out - to show the whole design. BUT the scarf looks way different when you put it on. Many fab designs disappear in the folds, so insist on seeing the plisse folded & knotted ! :tup:

  10. Whoa.
  11. I know some people who have found a local source to do the pleating for them. It takes much less time, costs much less, but if you don't know who you are going to, it could be a fiasco! One of my friends had a cashmere PM pleated to cover up some issues - worked great and is really easy to wear. But I agree with marietouchet - sometimes I'm disappointed in plisses because the beautiful designs disappear, particularly the smaller and more intricate ones.
  12. Here is a photo of a cashmere/silk PM that I had pleated at a local clothing manufacturer. It's so easy to wear as a plisse!
  13. And regarding going to a different place for pleating...

    Hermes has used different pleating techniques over the years, some plisses the pleats to tightly that is it hard to open up the scarf, others are such that it takes just a little wearing and the pleats open up permanently - they pouf out at one spot not another. Depends on how you wear them whether this is a prob or not

    So, I'd try sending a trial scarf for pleating to see what comes up and if you like it, not a cherished scarf:tup:

  14. I love this!