Desperately Seeking Gucci Crystal Patent Leather Purple Clutch!

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  1. :hysteric:

    Can anyone please direct me to a site or place that might have this from asia and it appears that we did not get this style of clutch. i know its a bit late but i am desperately seeking this love love it.. thanks in advance

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  2. i have the black satin one that's on the website now....i LOVE it!! good luck on finding that one, but if you can't and are looking for a black clutch, i urge you to check it out because it is SOOOO hot and get tons of complements on it EVERY SINGLE TIME i use it!!

    oh and the bf got it for its an uber man magnet as well!
  3. bambino, have you tried calling the outlets? I'm not sure if it even WOULD show up there, but then can put you on a list and then CALL YOU if and when it does... that's what I did to score a DIOR bag that I'd been dying for... and I GOT IT a few weeks ago... nice!