Desperately seeking for help

  1. There must be something wrong with my resume. I had applied for about 40 related jobs I a period of 6 moths and I don’t get a single phone call! I tried tailoring my resume for all those jobs, etc. but nothing it seems for work out. I’m so depressed because I’m underpaid and have no opportunities to growth in this company. I recently graduated from my MBA, asked boss (that happens to be the general manager) for an opportunity and she said that no opportunities were available. It seems like the new thing in companies is who you know from the inside that could help you get a job. Please help me with suggestions and comments about my resume. I believe I’m victim of racism because of my country of origin (I have undergrad degree from a foreign university and I have to list it). Disguised some info. I copy and paste so format is not right.
    Please help,:crybaby:

    Home (XXX) XXX-XXXX · Mobile (XXX) XXX-XXXX ·

    Offering more than 6 years’ of successful sales and marketing experience combined with a four year degree and a Master of Business Administration. Highly successful in designing and implementing brand awareness campaigns, trade show presence and advertising strategy utilizing market intelligence programs.

    XXX Corp. (acquired XXX Corp, Sept., ‘XX), City, State 2001 – Present
    With annual sales exceeding the $38 million, XXX Division provides complete XXX solutions for the XXXXXX market.
    Marketing Services, Reports to General Manager

    § Responsible for leading the company’s brand awareness strategy
    § Produce in-house ads, logos, graphics, pictures, packaging, brochures and charts saving the company more than $55K annually
    § Manage the entire event planning. Coordinating and evaluating process of national and international trade shows, technical seminars, golf tournaments, annual meetings and other corporate events. Contract negotiations for such events led to company’s savings of $50K in 2006
    § Negotiate and coordinate advertising contracts, schedules and placement
    § Reduce marketing expenses 15% annually by performing in-house translation and editing of all marketing materials, corporate announcements, instructions sheets and packaging
    § Created and executed successful marketing campaigns such as “XXXXXXX.” and “XXXX.” that increased brand awareness by 45% in 2005 and 2006 respectively
    § Maintained strong trade show presence for 3 consecutive years with undercut budget of 50%
    § Produced private label artwork for 2 major customers in 2006 for the purpose of attracting $500K in annual revenues

    XXXX CORP. – XXX, City, State 2000 – 2001
    With annual revenues of about $33 million, XXX Division is a North American based supplier of XXXXXXXXXXXX and components.
    International Sales Representative, Reported toVP International Sales

    · Provided direct collaboration to VP International Sales by building new and managing existing export accounts representing annual revenues of $14.4 million
    · Addressed growth opportunities in the Venezuela region increasing sales efforts by 25%
    · Recovered inactive accounts located in Australia, Israel, Panama and Mexico through exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills
    · Increased orders for excess inventory by $150K in December, 2001
    · Managed open orders, order entry, field in-bound and out-bound calls to export accounts regarding backorder management, delivery and overall logistic coordination


    XXXX INC., City, FL 1997 – 2000
    International freight forwarder and consolidator.
    Air Freight Coordinator, Reported to Vice President

    • Planned and coordinated all day-to-day logistics activities for the transportation of products, via airfreight to Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • Expanded service accounts in XXX from 20 to 60 within 6 moths
    • Acted as key point of contact for clients, carriers, agent offices, and airlines in matters pertaining tariffs, export and import restrictions, insurance requirements, rates, and other related matters
    • Prepared all bills of lading, invoices, cargo manifests, insurance and other shipping documents, ensuring accuracy in information and cost calculation at all times
    • Arranged and monitored the transportation and movement of goods

    Computer: Adobe Acrobat Professional, InDesign, Illustrator, PageMaker, Photoshop
    Microsoft Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word
    Lotus Notes

    Languages: Fluent Spanish

    Product photography skills: Ability to take indoor high quality pictures for web or catalog inclusion


    Master of Business Administration, International Business
    UNIVERSITY OF XXXX, City, State, 2005-2007

    Bachelor of Social Science, Sociology
  2. have you sent your resume outside of the city/state you live in? you may have to go to where they are hiring instead of trying to stay close to home.
  3. Hey there -- I don't think it's racism ... IMO, your resume could be tightened up a bit. One thing, though -- under languages, you list that you are fluent in Spanish. If I were reading your resume and didn't know you, I would wonder if that meant that you were unable to communicate in English.

    Have you tried applying to companies using their websites? Locally have you tried Craig's List, or Monster, Hot Jobs, etc,?

    If you'd like to PM me, I'd be happy to help you further with your resume layout.
  4. I don't have any advice - sorry - but I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything turns out great!! :tup:
  5. suggestions?....:crybaby:
  6. Don't fret, I will help you! :heart: I'll look over your resume later.
  7. I do notice a number of grammatical and punctuation errors. I think it might be worth it for you to take it to someone (perhaps a former professor) who is very good with English and have them help you correct these errors.
  8. Under languages put fluent in English and Spanish. I would think you just knew Spanish the way it is now.
    I dont have any other advice. Good luck with the future though, I wish you the best.
  9. If you hire someone to revise your resume (this usually costs around $50), you will get better results.
  10. It appears you have an impressive resume, but for some reason, it doesn't really stand out. Maybe you can try something like "Saved company 55K by and so and whatnot" instead of describing what you did which led to saving 55K.

    Or even from this sentence:

    Prepared all bills of lading, invoices, cargo manifests, insurance and other shipping documents, ensuring accuracy in information and cost calculation at all times

    You can say: Ensured accuracy in preparing bills...and what not.

    Let them know what you did first, and then describe how you did what you did~~~Am I making sense?

    There also was one spelling error
    Expanded service accounts in XXX from 20 to 60 within 6 moths


    I hope this helps a little?
  11. I am not sure if it is because you copied and pasted your resume, but your bullet points and wording do not appear to be aligned?
  12. I would suggest going to a local university, they often have Writing Centers that are staffed by tutors with MAs or PhDs who can help you tighten up your resume, this help is free for students and very reasonable for non-students. I agree there are some grammatical errors, also you want to avoid abb. such as "K" for thousand in dollar amounts, etc. Be sure to use the proper tense within each section, you don't want to shift between past and present tense. If you want to PM me I can try and help you find a tutoring center in your city. I wish you luck and with some fine tuning I think you will certainly be able to find a job that you will love!
  13. I used to have fluent Chinese that on my resume, I would put it under "other languages" or "additional languages" so there is no confusion that I do speak English :smile:
  14. The last job I had was a recruiter for a healthcare company... so I swifted through resumes part of the day, and the ones that didn't interest me went in the shredder... the ones that were slightly interesting, but not enough for me to really give it a good look - usually ended up in a folder, in my desk - and then in the shredder a month or two later... rarely did they get pulled from that folder into an interview slot.

    Point? You've got to make the best impression possible the VERY FIRST time someone sees your resume.

    Spelling, grammatical errors, etc. - correct them to the best of your abilities or have someone work on it with you...

    Dates - I know your dates aren't on here, but I was a big stickler on looking for any "holes" of employment and trying to figure out if something was missing...

    Just a side note about your wording & bullet points. There are too many bullet points. I read the first two or three, and then didn't make it past that point - get as much "good" information at the beginning, without over filling them. Also, you bullet points don't reflect very much human interaction or team work. Perhaps on the first position, your second bullet point should be something relating to team/personel interation.

    Lastly, put your previous job titles BEFORE the date/location line... I had to go back TWICE to find what your previous job titles were... Employers want to get a pretty quick feel for your timeline and power that you've held at previous positions. Job title is going to be the first thing I'm looking for.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  15. I hope these help:
    1. Your resume has many different tenses, and really turns off the reader (past and present tense in describing what you did)
    2. Also you said "It seems like the new thing in companies is who you know from the inside that could help you get a job." --but it's not a new thing at all
    3. You recently graduated from your MBA, so your education should be leading the resume, unless it's a second tier school in which case you should include a stellar gpa