Desperately seeking for a Black Baby cabas!

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  1. I'm so disappointed after receiving a phone call from my SA that my black baby cabas is still pending. Feels like I have been waiting forever for this bag and now it's not sure I will get it:s She could not give me a straight answer...

    If anyone has seen this bag please tell me! I live abroad but could easily have it shipped to my friend who lives in New York if the store does not accept international orders.

    Thanks in advance! I love this forum:yes:
  2. have you tried eBay? i have seen a few baby cabas in black there.
  3. You could have your friend check with my S/A @ Bloomingdales in NYC. Call 212-705-2000 - ask for Chanel handbags, ask to speak to Lisa she is the manager. If you call please tell her I gave you her info.
  4. It just occurred to me that maybe I should not have said to tell Lisa the S/A @ Bloomingdales that I gave her contact info. I just want to make sure it is clear that she is not a member of this forum, and the only benefit from telling her I gave her contact info was so she would understand why someone she does not know was asking for her by name. Hope that is OK w/ the mods and I did not do anything contrary to the PF rules. LOVE this forum too much to screw up my membership.
  5. I am 4th on the waiting list for the black leather. I do not plan to purchase it as I bought and have fallen in love with my teal cabas. If I get a call, I will have my SA hold it for me and post on the forum so someone here can have it.