Desperately seeking for A Baby Spy.

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  1. Could anyone please help me locate a Baby Spy in Black.Preferably online as i live in Australia and would like to make my purchase online.I have looked everywhere on internet trying to locate one,but am not sure how to tell a Genuine from FAKE.I did find one one Bluefly,but missed it by few minutes:crybaby:,my stupidity.So Ladies any help would be appreciated.TIA :tup:
  2. If you call up the Fendi boutique in the rocks, any of the nice ladies will locate one for you. They are excellent and stuff is couriered.

    Here's the number 02 9251 5200
  3. I was about to add, you're better off ordering from the boutique rather than (sorry saich) cos of taxes etc. Just not worth the trouble of ordering from overseas.
  4. Or if you find one that your not sure about the authenticity of, you can post it in the Authenticate This thread!

    Or keep checking BlueFly...things pop in and out with them because sometime people just but stuff in their "bag" but then never "check ou"!

    Anyway, good luck in your search! You'll find one soon enough!:yes:
  5. I was reading through some threads in the past and someone metioned Bluefly could sell fake Fendi spies from returns. Is this true?
  6. the baby spy is adorable!! good luck getting one!
  7. Wow, checked out styledrops and their prices seem to be a bit high? A baby spy $1400, spy $2442? Seems a lot to me but they do seem to have a large variety of bags.
  8. To be honest I wouldn't bother buying from styledrops or bluefly cos by the time it gets shipped in here, plus you need to pay 10% GST as it'll be over a grand, it's just not worth it. I'm speaking from an Aussie point of view. Don't get me wrong I get stuff from these sites, just not my spies cos of the price.

    Unless it's Jomashop cos they have really good sales.
  9. The one i missed on Blueful was Black pebbled nappa leather for $936,and with my 10% off i would have picked that baby up for $847 only.Shouldn't have gone to the kitchen to get a drink.
  10. That happened to me too - except on eluxury and with an LV bag - I hesitated and it was gone! Keep checking the bluefly site as they do restock but normally only one at a time.